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F4E are a fair, progressive child custody, shared parenting family-law group comprising primarily parents and grandparents who believe that a child has a natural right to a meaningful relationship with both parents, in the event of separation. We provide information and assistance on the current family law act and how to best utilise it in the best interests of your children, and we lobby the federal government against the myths promoted by self-interest lawyers and feminist groups in their efforts to take Australia back to the dark ages, at our children’s expense. Please read the information on this website carefully before engaging in any child custody negotiations, and if possible, subscribe to our daily Blog post for useful updates.


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Child Support Legal Service explaining services they offer. Hear the Podcast
A child support lawyer from Victoria Legal Aid will be working from the Wimmera Legal Aid office on Tuesday 28 October to provide specialist appointments for local people. Legal Aid also provides child support advice online and via telephone.
Halle Berry’s Child-Support Hypocrisy
We need to shed the notion that providing for one’s family is an essential part of masculinity The latest celebrity tussle over child support has an unusual twist. The parent seeking a reduction in child-support payments is the mother, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry.
Complaint against A Current Affair on Misleading Child Support Story
Open Letter - Complaint against Channel Nine – A Current Affair Friday 17th October 2014. For the ACA gross misrepresentation (a) Of the fair and proper working of the Child Support Administration and family facts according to Child Support Legislation.
Court Agrees to remove Biological father’s name from child’s birth certificate
In a recent Queensland case, both members of a same sex couple have been recorded on their two children's birth certificates as parents of the children while the name of the children's biological father, a known sperm donor, was removed from the children's birth certificates.
Divorced Wives Deserve Compensation For Hardship! Really?
MARRIAGE should never be a prison, but should it be a subsidised holiday house? The government is rightly bemoaning the immense cost for taxpayers of the 50,000-odd divorces in Australia each year in extra single parent and child support payments, not to mention consequent social delinquenc...
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Australians Overwhelmingly Support Shared Parenting

On average, 80% to 90% of Australian believe that there should be a legislated presumption of 50/50 shared child custody parenting, in the event of separation.

Review the many polls that show the HUGE silent majority of Australians that support shared parenting in child custody arrangements.

In Australia, the term “child custody” has been deleted from the legal vernacular, however it is still the most common term used to describe family law matters relating to children. Other common references in Australia relating to the issue of child custody include: child residence, child access, visitation, shared custody, joint custody and sole custody.

The 2006 amended family law act makes reference to none of these terms, preferring instead to focus on “lives with” as a reference to the primary parent, and “spends time with” as a reference to the old non-custodial parent. Further terminology introduced by the 2006 family law amendments include; family relationship centres, post-separation parenting classes, rebuttable presumption of equal shared parental responsibility, equal shared care and equal parenting time. Terminology un-touched by the amendments and used in the same manner as prior to the changes include; independent children’s lawyer,child psychologist, family report, single mother, single parent, sole parent, child alienation, parental alienation, child alignment, and “best interests of the child”. Terminology starting to become more prominent in family law in Australia include; same sex parenting and non-biological mother.

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