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Australian Judge asks "Why are only Boys Charged?"
A District Court judge has said he “always wondered why only the boy is charged” with having relations under the age of consent.
Have you had a GOOD or BAD experience with an ICL? Family Law Survey
Have YOU had a negative experience with an Independent Children's Lawyer (ICL)? Perhaps an ICL was imperative to the outcome of your custody dispute? Tell us about your experience with an ICL at
Malicious Parents often Their Own Worst Enemies in Court: Lawyer
Imagine a divorcing mother so desperate to control her own case that her conduct in the courthouse hallway results in her loss of custody of her children.
Misleading Research Depriving Toddlers of Fathering Time
Have you heard that children under the age of four should live primarily, or exclusively, with their mothers after their parents separate because too much “overnighting” in their father’s care creates a host of problems—especially for infants? Have you read that babies and toddlers who frequ...
Foul-mouthed mother loses kids to ex-partner
A DARWIN mother has lost ­custody of her toddler and 3½-year-old daughter because of foul-mouthed language she directed at her former partner.
Suffer in Silence or No One Listening? Dad's and Postnatal Depression
While the mother of his young son was caring for their baby at home, Ryan Heffernan was staggering about in a drunken, drug-filled stupor in seedy Sydney’s Kings Cross. Many people would be quick to label him a bad dad.
A Voice for Men
The feminists hadn’t shown up yet, but they could, at any moment, with their protest signs and screaming.
Women more Aggressive and Controlling than Men: Study finds
CONTRARY to commonly held beliefs, women are more likely to be verbally and physically aggressive to their partners than men, according to a new study.
Spying on Your Spouse's Mobile Phone with an App
While a South African woman slept, her husband of 17 years fiddled with her cellphone. When he confronted her with incriminating information, the woman discovered that her husband had downloaded an app that made it possible for him to spy on her through her cellphone.
Regular Overnight Care with both Parents Recommended by most Social Researchers
Here is Dr Linda Nielsen’s response to Penelope Leach’s recent claims about the social science of overnight visits regarding very young children: "As have many other social scientists, I have written an extensive critique of the McIntosh, Smyth et al study  on which Leach relies so heavily...
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Australians Overwhelmingly Support Shared Parenting

On average, 80% to 90% of Australian believe that there should be a legislated presumption of 50/50 shared child custody parenting, in the event of separation.

Review the many polls that show the HUGE silent majority of Australians that support shared parenting in child custody arrangements.

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