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Easily Find Welfare Payments That You Are Entitled To
The Australian federal government have released a great new feature on their Human Services website to help parents find social security or government welfare payments that they may qualify for.
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We have been running a Reddit sub-reddit channel for the past two years, and it currently has 245 members. This channel allows members to post news stories for discussion, and to vote these stories up or down. Stories that are voted up often end up in mainstream media.
Parenting plans or Family Court Orders? - your choice
If you separate from your husband, wife or de facto partner and you have children together, you both have a continuing responsibility for the care of your children.
Court grants father right to vaccinate his children
A western Sydney father has won the right to vaccinate his children after a drawn-out legal battle with their mother, who is strongly opposed to immunisation.
Study suspended by UNSW for breach of gender ethics
An online study has been ordered offline by the University of NSW Human Research Ethics Committee. Flyers published by the survey organisers have been ordered destroyed.
Family Law Courts launch new Youtube channels
The Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia have launched their official YouTube channels to provide informational videos aimed at helping self-represented litigants with court procedures relating to family law.
Publish Family Law Info on your Blog - Free Plugin
Do you run a website or blog based on wordpress that focusses on any of the following topics? Men's and/or Father's Rights Feminism, Women's and/or Mother's Rights Shared Parenting Same-Sex or Gay Parenting Family Court Injustice Protection of Children Domestic Violence and/or Abuse ...
In the name of the Father - Paternity Fraud Explored by Ground-Breaking Program
IT’S a question most of us either know, or have a fairly good idea about -Who’s you’re daddy? But do we really know if the man we call ‘dad’ is actually who we think he is? Up to a third of us should be questioning our parentage according to a revealing new poll, which provides a ...
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Australians Overwhelmingly Support Shared Parenting

On average, 80% to 90% of Australian believe that there should be a legislated presumption of 50/50 shared child custody parenting, in the event of separation.

Review the many polls that show the HUGE silent majority of Australians that support shared parenting in child custody arrangements.

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