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Violence more common in Gay and Lesbian relationships: New Research
A study in the US suggests that same-sex relationships suffer higher levels of domestic violence than heterosexual ones.
Should drinking alcohol when pregnant be illegal?
Should mums-to-be who drink be branded criminals? A landmark case addressing this question is currently underway in Britain.
Why Stereotypes of Men HURT children
More than two thirds of Australian men admit they would be at least somewhat reluctant to help a lost child for fear they would be seen as a threat.
Simple money moves to make after divorce
ALMOST 50,000 couples divorce in Australia each year, which means 100,000 people were faced with the unpleasant task of figuring out how to go it alone again.
To Those Who Suffer in Silence: Men Open Up About Divorce
There is a common misconception that women are more heartbroken after divorce than men are — picture the cliche divorcee trying to put her life back together after being left.
Child Support Legal Service explaining services they offer. Hear the Podcast
A child support lawyer from Victoria Legal Aid will be working from the Wimmera Legal Aid office on Tuesday 28 October to provide specialist appointments for local people. Legal Aid also provides child support advice online and via telephone.
Halle Berry’s Child-Support Hypocrisy
We need to shed the notion that providing for one’s family is an essential part of masculinity The latest celebrity tussle over child support has an unusual twist. The parent seeking a reduction in child-support payments is the mother, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry.
Complaint against A Current Affair on Misleading Child Support Story
Open Letter - Complaint against Channel Nine – A Current Affair Friday 17th October 2014. For the ACA gross misrepresentation (a) Of the fair and proper working of the Child Support Administration and family facts according to Child Support Legislation.
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