False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Family Court Seeks Help To Locate Abducted 4 y/o Girl

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missing-girl-annaleise-harris-edwards-and-her-grandmotherA desperate search is under-way for a four-year-old Sydney girl who was abducted from a daycare centre by her maternal grandmother.

The normally confidential Family Court is so worried that it has released photos of the youngster, pleading for help to find her.

Annaleise Harris-Edwards has been missing now for a month.

During recent Family Court proceedings, the Court found that the father of Annaleise Harris-Edwards was falsely accused of child sexual abuse by the mother. On 8 October 2012 the Family Court of Australia ordered that 4 year old Annaleise Grace Harris-Edwards (DOB 20 December 2007) live with her father.

The father subsequently went to collect the child from a Sydney childcare centre after the Court hearing, only to find that she was nowhere to be seen.

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Courts Rewarding Mothers For False Allegations

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Federal-Magistrate-Tom-AltobelliIn June 2012, a Federal Magistrate from the Family Law Division of the Federal Magistrates Court was broadly condemned for rewarding a malicious mother sole custody of her children. 

The mother had falsely accused the father of sexually abusing their daughter. The court heard that her belief was based solely on the apparitions of a clairvoyant, whom the mother visited for guidance.

Rather than chastising the mother for bizarre, irrational and dangerous beliefs that would negatively impact on her children in so many other ways, the judge chose to sit idly by, and re-inforced the mother’s bizarre beliefs by awarding her sole custody.

Rather than imposing a strict shared parenting regime with equal parental responsibility, to protect the children from other bizarre unilateral decisions based on rituals or predictions by the clairvoyant, the magistrate chose to sit idly by, and award sole parental responsibility,(that is sole decision making rights), to a woman who was described as unbalanced, irrational and a potential hazard to the welfare of her children.


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New Family Violence Amendments Not Enough, claims Anti-Father Crusader

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Elspeth McInnes, Bigotry Masquerading as Child Protection

Family law judges need training in child psychology so they can better protect children from abusive parents, lobby groups say.

Family Law Act reforms, to take effect on Thursday, have been welcomed by the National Council for Children Post Separation and the National Child Protection Alliance as a step in the right direction.

But both groups say the reforms, which broaden the definitions of  “family violence” and “abuse”, do not do enough for a system that does not put child safety as its top priority.

University of South Australia senior lecturer Elspeth McInnes, an expert adviser to both groups, says Australia’s family law system focuses on resolving family disputes between private citizens.

But the focus should be first and foremost on child protection, she says.

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Driving the 2011 Gillard Family law changes – Paranoid, Deluded & Psychotic Testimony

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To the average viewer, this video testimony (and others like it) on how the Family Court decided to take a young boy away from his loving mother sounds all too familiar. Even worse and as the mother states, the Family Court placed the child in the sole custody of his sexually abusive father.

Now this sounds like a loving, decent and honest mother’s worst nightmare, doesn’t it?

We have all heard countless such stories in the media leading up to the repealing of Australia’s 2006 Shared Parenting laws by the the Gillard Labor government. These stories have become the foundation that many mothers’ groups have relied upon to create the necessary momentum to change Australia’s Shared Parenting laws into a set of laws that on any fair description are ‘shared parenting’ in name alone. I should emphasise that the current family law act is in many ways far worse than the legislation that was replaced back in 2006.

For many Australians, you would perhaps believe that such abuses did previously occur, not simply as a one-off aberration, not even on rare occasions, but all too often within the Family Court. I mean these were the stories that we have kept hearing from the likes of Adele Horin from the Sydney Morning Herald and Caroline Overington from the Australian. So they must be true, right?

Actually no!

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Aussie Woman jailed in Thailand over False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

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phuket-taxi-bikesEditor: One can only wonder why she made these false allegations, but I would add that if it had something to do with her pursuing a sexual encounter behind her boyfriend’s back, then she would neither be the first nor last to have sought to hide her clandestine activity by falsely accusing an innocent third party.

A 21-year-old Sydney woman has been sentenced to 15 days jail in Phuket for falsely accusing a local taxi driver of assaulting her.

The woman, whose name has not been released, told Thai police she was the victim of an assault early on Sunday on the resort island and that two other Thai men restrained her during the attack.

The report, confirmed by Phuket Provincial Court sources, said the woman initially told the officers she become separated from her boyfriend in a nightclub area of Patong early on Sunday morning.

She said she was taking a taxi back to her resort when the driver picked up two other men.

She alleged he then drove to a secluded area and assaulted her while the other men held her down. Afterwards, they took her passport and cash.

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Another Mother Rewarded for False Allegations

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father-child-holding-handsTHE extraordinary case of the Federal Court magistrate reduced to writing a letter to two children, explaining why he had cut them off from their father, is part of a painful pendulum shift in Australian family law.

The shared parenting reforms of the Howard era are giving way to a new paradigm in which fathers fear they are being excluded.

Magistrate Tom Altobelli’s letter to the boy, 11, and girl, 6, was nicely written. But it is no substitute for the love of a father whose contact has been reduced to letters, birthday cards and gifts.

The mother had accused the father of sexually abusing their daughter. The court heard her belief was based on the predictions of a clairvoyant.

Magistrate Altobelli, who heard all the evidence, concluded the father had not done it. Yet the father was still punished by losing his children.

“I decided that you had not been hurt by your dad,” Altobelli wrote in the letter, to be opened by the children when they turn 14.

“Even after I told your mum what I decided, I think she still believed in her heart that your dad had hurt you.”

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Man Forgives Girl Who Made False Allegation of Rape

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Brian Banks - jailed for 5 years on false allegations

A former US high school football star has said he holds no grudges against the woman who falsely accused him of rape 10 years ago.

Brian Banks spent five years in prison after he was convicted in 2002 for the rape of his Californian high school classmate Wanetta Gibson when he was 15 and she was 16 years old, the US Today Show reports.

Ms Gibson has since stepped forward, first admitting to Mr Banks over Facebook and then to a private investigator that she made up the story of him dragging her into a stairwell and raping her.

Yesterday Mr Banks walked from a Los Angeles courtroom a free man after his conviction was overturned.A registered sex offender still on probation, Mr Banks was still wearing a court-ordered tracking device on his ankle.

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Israel Takes Steps To Reduce Discrimination Against Divorced Fathers

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United-Nations-Committee-on-Economic-Social-and-Cultural-RightsJerusalem — January 20, 2012 …. For many divorced fathers in Israel, the declaration yesterday by Israel Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman that divorced parents must now share custody of children, may have come too late. Neeman has accepted recommendations by the Schnit Committee that joint parental custody be ordered in divorce cases involving young children, which the law defines as those up to age 6. Until now, most divorced fathers became visitors, being limited to seeing their children only a few hours a week.

As the new law comes into affect, thousands of dads in Israel would have lost any opportunity of fatherhood due to the fact that their children have already grown up or that their children suffer from PAS – Parental Alienation Syndrome. With PAS the children become alienated against the father as the mother has pushed him away and brainwashed the children that he is of no worth, or perhaps even bad for whatever reason she creates.

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Fraud in Australia’s plan to reduce violence against women

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stop-violence-against-women-but-not-menThe 2009 Australian project a ‘Time for Action: The National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, 2009-2021′, was approved for implementation by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). The Plan, which is split into several parts, puts forth recommendations for new legislation, changes to judicial processes, requests for funding and ideas for domestic programs targeted at reducing domestic and sexual violence against women. The advisory council has some powers to implement programs through the Office of Women among other agencies, but much of what the government funded program calls for requires approval by Parliament.

The entire premise of the National Plan was underpinned by the belief in this statement:“While a small proportion of men are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, the majority of people who experience this kind of violence are women in a home, at the hands of men they know.”[27-pg1] But a quick examination of the statistics and data shows a much different picture to the rather sweeping indictment of Australian men the National Council paints.

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Exposing False Allegations – Register-Her.com

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Victoria-haigh-child-rape-false-accuser, false allegations, child sexual abuse

Hmm, a US website that publishes the identities of false accusers, for all to see.

This idea may end up being a great, albeit only deterrent to the epidemic of false allegations in the Family Courts.

Given that the Gillard government will soon be encouraging even more false allegations in the Australian Family Court by removing any penalty for perjury, then maybe using the internet to expose the truth may become the only option available to bring some common sense to this rampant crime against innocent parents and children.

I would go one further and ensure that both male and female false accusers to be published, as long as the weight of evidence concludes that they have knowingly made a false allegation.

I see the publication of these moral criminals and child abusers by any other name, as no different to the publication of deadbeat dads that have proliferated across the web, although one would have to consider the necessary safeguards in order to protect minors when child abuse is alleged. This part would have to be thought out carefully.

In any case, if it is good enough to out one form of abuse, then surely it is good enough to out another form.

Perhaps this is an idea that should be explored further for Australia.

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