Mothers Boyfriend Abusing Children

On Naming & Shaming Alleged Abusers: Why Child Protection Group Have Got It All Wrong

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Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston

AUSTRALIAN governments are using privacy provisions to cover up pedophilia, says lobby group Bravehearts.

And the group is determined to end what it says is the silence and shame surrounding child abuse.

Bravehearts wants victims of pedophiles to be allowed to speak publicly, Family Court proceedings to be opened up to scrutiny and an end to confidentiality provisions in compensation payouts for abuse victims.

The national child protection group, which started in Queensland, is using two inquiries into child abuse to pressure for an end to the “culturally and historically entrenched response of secrecy and silence”.

Child protection umbrella group PeakCare executive director Lindsay Wegener said while it was important to publicly identify pedophiles when possible, victims often still wanted anonymity.

Bravehearts said keeping incidents hidden only exacerbated the problem.

Fathers4Equality, a Shared Parenting Lobby group, while supportive of any measures to introduce greater transparency within the Family Court,  are of the view that Bravehearts lack an understanding of the role of the Family Court in cases of alleged child abuse.

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Sole Custody and Another Toddler Murder – Mother’s Boyfriend Faces Court

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brendan-junior-nathan-williams-toddler-murderTHE grave of toddler Brendan-Junior Nathan Williams is marked with a small white cross, colouring textas, toy cars, a glass butterfly and a picture of a bubbly little boy with an infectious smile.

A love heart and two hand prints are pressed into the fresh soil that marks his final resting place. Brendan, 2, was buried last Tuesday, almost two months after he died on January 15 from injuries.

Today, a 23-year-old man – the de facto husband of Brendan’s mother – who was not the child’s biological father, faces court charged with murdering Brendan at the family’s Melrose Park home.

Police arrested him on Saturday but have released few details about their allegations.

They have sealed off a converted-garage room at the home, where Brendan lived with his mother, her boyfriend and two caged pythons.

Brendan was rushed to Flinders Medical Centre in a car by his mother and her partner about 5am on January 14, three hours after the couple returned home from a southern suburbs hotel.

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Tanilla Warwick-Deaves – another child murdered by mother and her boyfriend

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tanilla-warwick-deaves-another-sole-custody-murderTHE mother of murdered toddler Tanilla Warwick-Deaves has faced court charged with being an accessory after the fact.

Handcuffed and dressed in a yellow cardigan Donna Deaves faced Gosford Local Court this morning where she did not apply for bail during her brief appearance.

The 27-year-old was arrested about 9am yesterday at Erina on the state’s Central Coast.

Two-year-old Tanilla was found with serious injuries at her mother’s Watanobbi home just before 4am on August 27.

She was taken to Wyong Hospital but pronounced dead a short time later.

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NAPCAN – when protecting children is compromised by ideology

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NAPLAN-preventing-child-abuseIt is that time of the year when NAPCAN (National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect),  an organisation founded in 1987 to advocate for the protection of children, is running its annual high profile campaign to raise funds and awareness in its fight against child abuse and neglect in Australia.

A noble cause indeed, and in support of this campaign Fathers4Equality contacted NAPCAN  last year and volunteered our assistance during their National Child Protection Week.

Fathers4Equality offered to distribute a child abuse awareness survey to all our members, as well as assist with fund raising, amongst other worthwhile measures in support of this worthy cause.

After an initial positive response from NAPCAN, all correspondence came to an end.

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Kiesha Abrahams – a Reminder that Sole Custody Kills

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Killers of Keisha Abrahams Weippeart, Julia Gillard will not protect children like Keisha with new family violence bill

Julia Gillard making child protection more difficult

In case it has escaped people’s attention, the murder of Kiesha Abrahams, since renamed Keisha Weippeart as  a mark of respect for the father she was deprived of, was another case of a child being abused and murdered within the highest risk environment for child abuse in this country, the single-mother home.

With all the attention set recently on the newly tabled Family Violence bill, a bill that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has claimed will protect children from child abuse by dismantling Shared Parenting and denying most fathers any form of meaningful contact with their children, one has to question what exactly Julia Gillard was thinking when she came up with such a malicious bill?

Obviously, this bill is in part the legacy of the Darcy Freeman – girl over the bridge murder, an incident that has shocked the nation and will remain in the psyche of this country for years to come.

However, an equal number of mothers also engaged in filicide in this country, being the deliberate murder of their children.

This fact however has not been widely reported. These other murders of children, presumably of less important children because they were killed by their mothers, happened in equal measure to that of fathers, and this is a point conveniently ignored by Julia Gillard, and in particular by her Attorney General, Robert McLelland.

In any event and foccusing on child abuse on its own,  the majority of child abuse in this country is at the hands of single mothers, far outweighing the efforts of strangers, neighbours, other family members, other children, and biological fathers, as reported by the Australian Institute of Criminology.

In fact, over 75% of all familial child abuse, according to the Department of Child Protection, is accounted for in households where the single mother co-habitates with the new boyfriend, (who has not fathered the children), a scenario which is very common in this country and becoming more so, and is the precise high risk environment that  Kiesha Weippeart found herself in before she was murdered.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, in her haste to create the perception that she was doing more to protect children, is in fact doing less, much much less, by sowing the seeds of a new child abuse epidemic.

The primary benefit of shared parenting is Transparency of Care… and it is precidely these safety measures that Julia Gillard is dismantling.

By removing young children from having any contact with their biological fathers, and exposing them in greater and greater numbers to the ever-present in-home stranger-danger of men with no biological connection to the child, and especially with no other parent to answer to, the ever present risk of child abuse becomes an even greater possibility, given human nature, and as strongly indicated by child abuse statistics.

By ending shared parenting and ensuring that separated children will have little contact with their biological fathers, even less than was the case before the Howard era Shared Parenting laws were enacted, this government is ensuring that child abuse will go behind locked doors, where it can continue unabated and without the knowledge of the other parent, until the imminent end, which all too often is the death of the child.

Whether we like it or not, most biological parents share a common interest in protecting their child against harm. In Shared Parenting arrangements, any lingering mis-trust or tension between the parents works in favour of the best welfare of the children, by creating greater transparency of care between the parents.

Any unaccounted for bruising or scratch, any slight change in behaviour by the child, any suggestive utterance by the child, no matter how subtle, will alert the other parent that something is not right, and will allow greater scrutiny of circumstances. This may in some cases lead to false positives, leading to frustration between the parents, but this questioning is the best form of child protection that can be offered to a child, especially when that child is forced to live with other adults that are not biologically connected to the child.

The primary benefit of shared parenting is Transparency of Care, by way of the inbuilt checks and balances that are part and parcel of a shared parenting arrangement, and it is precidely these safety measures that Julia Gillard is dismantling.

..over 75% of all familial child abuse, according to the Department of Child Protection, is accounted for in households where the single mother co-habitates with the new boyfriend.

In a country where extended families are on the demise, where separations are on the increase, where re-partnering is a natural extension of separation, and where child protection authorities are over-stretched and losing the battle against child abuse, this transparency is quite possibly the most powerful safeguard a parent can have for their child, but it now looks like it is a further victim of a bungling Julia Gillard who is more obsessed with the perception of doing the right thing, rather than the genuine artifact.

And when it comes to child protection, the difference between the perception and the real is life itself, as was the result for Kiesha Weippeart, and so many other children who will now be forced to live in the highest risk environment for child abuse, by Julia Gillard, a Prime Minister who Australians overwhelmingly believe is out of touch, and out of ideas.

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