Child Abduction

Child Abducting Mother Walks Free on Bail

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Abducted girl carried by her father.

Abducted girl carried by her father.

A WOMAN who allegedly snatched her two-year-old daughter from her estranged partner’s home last month, sparking a massive police search, has had her bid for freedom granted.

The woman, 21, who cannot be named in order to protect her daughter’s identity, has spent the past 40 days in custody since her arrest.

She was granted freedom, albeit under extremely strict conditions, which included living with her mother and stepfather at Tara on the Western Downs.

Crown Prosecutor Amanda Robinson told the Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday that the woman, along with two other men, stormed her former partner’s Willowbank home on May 10 and snatched the child – resulting in a massive police search to locate the toddler.

Ms Robinson said the Crown opposed the woman being granted bail on the grounds she posed an unacceptable risk of reoffending if released.

She said the woman had two prior convictions of common assault, which included a Facebook-fuelled fight in 2010 with a girl, 15, at the Lowood Showgrounds.

“The strength of the evidence in this case is quite strong,” she said.

“There was a home invasion, which included violence, and she took a child by force.

“There is a very strong chance she could serve a custodial sentence if convicted.”

Defence lawyer Tim Clements said the woman fully understood she could not take matters into her own hands in a bid to see her daughter.

He said she would abide by any court orders imposed and had no history of breaching bail.

Justice David Boddice said he was satisfied the woman, who was not in a show-cause situation, would not pose an unacceptable risk of reoffending if released, given the strict bail conditions. “She is not to leave Tara’s township boundaries unless it is to attend court or a legal appointment in Ipswich,” he said.

“While in Ipswich, she must not go within 100 metres of her former partner’s home at Willowbank.

“She is to report to Tara police each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Furthermore, she is not to have any contact with her former partner or child unless it forms part of a Family Court order.”

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2 Brisbane Children Abducted by Mother – Family Courts Seek Help

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Eamon and Charlotte Daley

Family Law Courts appeal for help to find Charlotte, 3, and Eamon Daley, 2, last seen in Brisbane and believed to be with mother Andrea


A BRISBANE father is seeking public assistance for the return of his two missing children.

Charlotte Rose Daley, three, and Eamon William Daley, two, are believed to be in the care of their mother, Andrea Elizabeth Daley (nee Sedman).

They were last seen by their father at his Brisbane home during a contact visit on 31 August 2013.

A publication order has been made by the Federal Circuit Court to allow details to be published regarding the children’s identity in this case. There are no indications as to the whereabouts of the children.

Andrea Daley is aged 26 with brown hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion, about 165cm in height, weighing about 45kg. She has a butterfly tattoo high on her left arm. A warrant for Ms Daley’s arrest was made on 29 January 2014 by the Federal Circuit Court.

Charlotte Daley (DOB 24 May 2010) has light brown shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, 100cm in height and of stocky build. Her brother Eamon (DOB 23 March 2012) has blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, 80 cm in height and 15kg in weight.

This media release is prepared with the assistance of New Way Lawyers, representing the father, and is subject to a publication order made by the Federal Circuit Court on 29 April, 2014. This complies with the requirements of the section 121 publication order under the Family Law Act 1975.

Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of Charlotte Daley and Eamon Daley should contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

Information provided to Crimestoppers can be made anonymously.

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Divorce, Family Law & Malicious Mother Syndrome

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Malicious-Mother-Syndrome-2013With the increasing commonality of divorce involving children, a pattern of abnormal behaviour has emerged that has received little attention.  The present paper defines the Divorce Related Malicious Mother Syndrome.  Specific nosologic criteria are provided with abundant clinical examples. Given the lack of scientific data available on the disorder, issues of classification, aetiology, treatment, and prevention appear ripe for investigation.


A divorced man gains custody of his children and his ex-wife burns down his home.  A woman in a custody battle buys a cat for her offspring because her divorcing husband is highly allergic to cats.  A mother forces her children to sleep in a car to “prove” their father has bankrupted them. The actions illustrate a pattern of abnormal behaviour that has emerged as the divorce rate involving children has grown.

Today, half of all marriages will end in divorce (Beal and Hochman, 1991).  The number of children involved in divorce has grown dramatically (e.g., Hetherington and Arastah, 1988) as well.   While the majority of such cases are “settled” from a legal perspective, outside the courtroom the battle continues.

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Underground networks help parents breach Family Court custody orders

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amber-alert, child abductionCHURCH and domestic violence groups have been accused of aiding underground networks that help parents breach custody orders and go on the run with their children.

Parents, unhappy with Family Court custody decisions, are kidnapping their own children, and are using family, friends and other resources to stay under the radar.

The parents left behind, who are legally entitled to custody of their children, are having to dip into their own pockets to ask the courts to hear their applications for recovery orders.

The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia in Queensland are issuing about three recovery orders a week, with 156 of the “last resort” orders made in the last financial year – the most in the country.

Applications for them are considered urgent, but depending on how busy the court is, orders can take days or weeks to be heard.

Once granted, an order is sent to the Australian Federal Police, which can use state police to help find the children.

It is understood that once a recovery order is made most parents co-operate, however some continue to hide their children from authorities.

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Deseperate Dad makes film to help find his daughter

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Desperate dad Brozzi Lunetta makes film to help daughter Reya find hA DESPERATE dad who has spent more than a decade searching for his parentally abducted daughter has made a movie to help her find him.

Brozzi Lunetta said he wrote and produced fictional film Reya, named after his 11-year-old daughter, since losing faith in the Australian authorities to locate her.

Reya was abducted by her mother, Camilla Ellefsen, from the US amid a bitter custody battle in 2002.

Ms Ellefsen, 40, fled with Reya to Norway and India before arriving in Perth in February 2004 on a Norwegian passport.

There has since been a string of possible sightings in south-east Queensland and northern NSW.

“Reya’s birthday (last June) and the 10-year anniversary of her abduction were incredibly difficult,” Mr Lunetta said.

“I’m holding on but it’s been a pretty exhausting experience.

“The reason I want to share my life story is so that my daughter can find me.”

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Abysmal Child Abducting Mum Gets to Keep Children in Australia, Judge Says

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high-court-londonAN Australian woman who kidnapped her two children from the UK and fled to Australia has won the right to live here with them permanently, despite a judge ruling her behaviour “abysmal”.

The dental nurse abducted the couple’s children, aged 4 and 5, when her marriage broke down, taking them from their home in East Sussex to Melbourne without telling her British sports masseur husband.

A judge at London’s High Court has ruled the children should live in Australia, despite the “abysmal” and “cruel” way the 34-year-old had treated her estranged husband when she disappeared to the other side of the world with their young children.

In a judgment made public yesterday, Mr Justice Mostyn said in the interests of the children – who cannot be named for legal reasons – he had decided not to punish their mother for her “high-handed, selfish and autocratic” conduct, and to “shut out his strong feelings of sympathy” for the youngsters’ father.

“This was an open and shut case of child abduction,” Justice Mostyn said.

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Grandmother of 4 Italian Sisters Desperate Attempt To Hide From Public Scrutiny

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Grandmother of Abducted 4 Italian Sisters on 60 Minutes

The grandmother of three (sic) girls at the centre of a high-profile international custody dispute has lost her legal case against Channel 9 to stop 60 Minutes from featuring her image in a story aired last Sunday night.

The story has been heavily promoted by Nine this week and claims to reveal the father’s side of the story for the first time.

The three (sic) girls were sent to live with their father in Italy last month after their mother lost her custody case in the Family Court of Australia.

At an urgent interlogatory injunction in Victoria’s Supreme Court last Friday afternoon, the grandmother sought to have her image removed from the story due to fears for her safety and reputation.

[Ed: In my opinion, her attempt to destroy the 60 Minutes story had nothing to do with safety concerns, and everything to do with the fact that she was publicly exposed as a malicious, dishonest and abusive woman who exploited her grandchildren for her own misguided self-interest.]

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Derryn Hinch Confesses to Child Abuse

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Derryn Hinch – Confesses on Radio

Yesterday on radio station 3AW, Derryn Hinch finally confessed to what many people have long suspected, that he was a child abuser. The previous accusations of child sexual abuse levelled against him were  less than convincing, coming from an aggrieved ex-wife whom the Courts determined had knowingly manufactured injuries to the child, in order to win full custody, but on Hinch’s radio program yesterday, all doubt was gone when Hinch effectively admitted to being a child abuser.

If only justice could be so poetic. The above paragraph is an attempt at poetic license, taking a sad and sorry tale and highlighting who the real abuser is. Yes, Derryn Hinch, in my opinion, is a child abuser, but perhaps not in the traditional sense of the term.

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Family Court Seeks Help To Locate Abducted 4 y/o Girl

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missing-girl-annaleise-harris-edwards-and-her-grandmotherA desperate search is under-way for a four-year-old Sydney girl who was abducted from a daycare centre by her maternal grandmother.

The normally confidential Family Court is so worried that it has released photos of the youngster, pleading for help to find her.

Annaleise Harris-Edwards has been missing now for a month.

During recent Family Court proceedings, the Court found that the father of Annaleise Harris-Edwards was falsely accused of child sexual abuse by the mother. On 8 October 2012 the Family Court of Australia ordered that 4 year old Annaleise Grace Harris-Edwards (DOB 20 December 2007) live with her father.

The father subsequently went to collect the child from a Sydney childcare centre after the Court hearing, only to find that she was nowhere to be seen.

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My Children Were Abducted From Me

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Child abduction in Taiwan. A father relates his situation to that of Darth Vader who was robbed of his children and will search the galaxy to find them. Although to some this video may appear as a joke. It is not. It is a way to bring attention to a dire situation that the law is turning a blind eye to. By using an infamous character that everyone will know it will give it attention.

This is a True Story. One of many. People may not know it, but parental child abduction in Taiwan (especially against foreign fathers and mothers) is a serious problem and a criminal offense in most countries. In Taiwan however justice seems blind or unwilling to prosecute the Taiwanese offenders when there is a foreign parent involved.

So please support this video and help say ‘NO!’ to this illegal activity and support children’s rights. And at the same time, maybe you can help find these missing children (who are Australian Citizens). Thankyou.


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