More Male Stereotyping in the Labor Ranks: ‘Only Men Are Abusers’

Bill-Shorten-vying-for-womens-voteBILL Shorten says he wants to put tackling domestic violence in the forefront of the nation’s mind if he wins the Labor leadership.

And he and rival Anthony Albanese say Labor made a mistake when it shifted single mothers from parenting payments onto the Newstart Allowance.

Mr Shorten said domestic violence was too much of a taboo topic in society, and he wanted Labor to be a “brave party” on this issue and work at changing that.

His comments come as The Sunday Telegraph launched a campaign for more Australian men to “man up” and ostracise others who are violent towards women.

“People expect the Labor Party to show leadership and just because we’re in opposition doesn’t mean we can’t dominate some of the debate,” Mr Shorten told Meet the Press.

He said estimations were that there were about 250,000 assaults on women by men a year and that he believed domestic violence was the largest contributor to homelessness for women.

Mr Shorten said he expected there would be bipartisanship on the issue from Government.

He said he wanted to examine rules in SA that meant men had to leave the home if they had assaulted their partner.

“I also know that some of the greatest tragedies we see recorded in our newspapers about the murder of women by men who say they love them is that some of these men have already received warnings and have received admonishment by the system for breaking the law already,” he said.

Mr Shorten said domestic violence was not a women’s issue, but “a men’s issue” and national issue.

“And I believe one of the functions of our parliament is to sometimes not get an upward tick in the polls, or a downward tick in someone else’s popularity, it is about using the national parliament to set a standard which we expect in this nation about protecting women from men,” he said.

Meanwhile, both Mr Shorten and Mr Albanese have admitted the party did the wrong thing by single mothers when it implemented welfare cuts this year and want the party to revisit its policy stance.

In January, tens of thousands of single mothers, many working part time, were shifted off parenting payments and onto the Newstart Allowance, leaving many between $60 and $100 a week worse off, but saving taxpayers $728 million over four years.

Mr Shorten, who was workplace relations minister in the Gillard government, said: “We sent all the wrong messages out about sole parents.”

“Sole parents do it hard.

“There are legitimate grievances that have emerged from the policy we articulated.”

Mr Albanese said it was important to acknowledge mistakes and “we made a mistake” on sole parent payments.

“It essentially meant that some of the most vulnerable people ended up with less income but perhaps just as importantly to them, to those that I’ve spoken to, there was a lack of respect, I think, for the role that they play as single parents and a great deal of disappointment,” he told ABC TV.

He said Labor should always be “the party of the disadvantaged”.

But he wouldn’t blame anyone for driving the policy, saying it was time Labor stopped “finger-pointing”, and everyone in the previous government, including himself, took a “collective responsibility”

Mr Albanese also criticised the releasing of internal Labor polling that suggested Labor’s election result would have been worse under Julia Gillard.
He said leaking of internal polling was not helpful and “simply has to stop”.

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  • Robert says:

    I wrote to Mr Shorten about his comments. I suggest you do to. It did not occur to me to criticise his sexism (against his own sex!), instead I wrote that any discussion of so-called family violence is offensive under the current family law act which includes “other behaviours…[that]…causes the family member to be fearful”. I will not support any campaign against “family violence” while the definition is so broad as to be meaningless. And I will never ever vote Labor again.


  • Paul R Murphy says:

    While we are on this subject we need to point out how women are using the system to fake domestic violence to get 100% custody of the children. It seems to be okay for the mother to hurl abuse at the father…throw plates smash things and yell and scream but if a make even raises his voice because he is frustrated hurt and yes angry about the situation, its then abuse by the father or even worse made up physical abuse. My ex milked this for all it was worth. Telling lies about abuse to gain custody of my daughter. It worked the courts believe her and without any facts or evidence I lost custody of my daughter. I will admit there are many men that are abusers and they need to be pulled back in line. The problem is we are all tarred with the same brush and guilty by default in the courts. Many men don't even bother going to court because of how biased it is towards the mother.


    zac Reply:

    Tell me about it Paul.
    My ex blatantly used our (then) 10 yo daughter to instigate supervised access for me for 10 months before a Residency Hearing….perjuring herself by saying that I sexually molested our daughter…who told her mother that her ‘story’ (sworn affidavit) was, “not right” whilst typing her story in our daughter’s presence.

    Less than a fortnight later our daughter self-harmed when her mother refused a paternal visit. My ex, an Allied Health professional, then told the child clinical psychologist that our daughter had self-harmed because I had attended an inter-school sports day on that day (and at my daughter’s request and with the blessing of her mother)
    Under F.O.I. I also found that my ex had labelled me as “controlling”….pot calling kettle.
    Before the Residency Hearing I gained 6 nights out of 14 after spending $70k. My ex agreed to this because I had her lies ready to be shown and proved in court, but last year my ex moved 130 ks to your suburb (and school)
    Look out for my daughters if you can…they’re Ally P. yr 11. and sister in yr 7. My input is on file there. The alienation has worked on our older daughter..she hardly seeks me out….but knows my door is always open…

    I’m now living with the love of my life, a Primary teacher, and her two daughters of the same age to mine.


  • Liz says:

    Bill why don’t you talk to people in the real world, whilst I feel sorry for women who are abused, they are adults, can leave, ask for help and can verbalise their fear. What about kids? Perhaps we should be more worried about fixing the child abuse system and family law systems? I note the comment about Fabianism above and note that fabianism us about breaking down the family unit so the government can have more power over the individual. Go Bill. I am sure people want you to destroy our society even more than your mate Gillard did!


  • Cherriee McDonald says:

    Maybe the focus should be on child abuse and children at risk from mentally ill parents (mothers or fathers because certainly there are abusers in both camps, you only need to watch the news, anyone recall the story on little Kiesha? i would love her real dad to come out and say why she did not live with him. I suspect he gave up like so many men do when they get screwed again and again by the family law system.). By the way I am a woman!


  • Athony Priest says:

    Yes vote catching is what it’s all about. 250,000 women assaulted per year? Yes this is horrible and should condemned, but these people are asking me to man up for a crime I did not commit? NO WAY you pathetic excuse for a man. I take absolutely no responsibility for this at all, this is nothing more than a denigration of males.

    In three cases in past relationships I have been accused of domestic violence. Strange that there was no report whatsoever before separation? Strange this could not substantiated in any way, which was reflected in each case by the magistrate indicating that it was nothing more than a tactic to smear and harm my character based on fiction. Now should I ask all women to “Women Up” because of the despicable actions of other women? No it has nothing to do with women in general. You are a disgrace Mr Shorten!

    Further to the mind set here: “he (Bill Shorten) and rival Anthony Albanese say Labor made a mistake when it shifted single mothers from parenting payments onto the Newstart Allowance.” Oh really, Single Mothers? How about Single fathers like my myself. A simple statement they repeatably make and have been corrected on many previous occasions, yet they continue to make the same “mistake”. This shows the targeted votes they are seeking.

    None of these political parties care at all, and will blow with the wind to capture the majority of votes. Party politics are confined to party policy and what gets vote. I can never see a time when I will consider voting for a political party again. I will simply be voting for someone that follows the wishes of the electorate they represent, have a balanced approach and protect the rights of minorities.


  • Wish says:

    Shorten looks like a people pleaser. He will say whatever it takes to gain favour – even if it is from a bunch of man haters (no kids or husbands) and women with post divorce man hating disorder. I think the amount of non physical abuse towards men has a higher impact on society as what it seems. It takes a brainless politician to try and gain ground on that. Why is a man hater a hero and a woman hater abnormal…


  • Peter Draper says:

    I was a victim of domestic violence, hospitalised 7 times and after the first major operation (correcting internal injuries) I was jumped on and put in hospital again for a third operation in 3 weeks.


  • Glenn says:

    Bill Shorten is only interested in votes. This man being an ex union boss should never become the leader of this nation. He has no idea the true DV on males. Labor are responsible for taking away the rights of children and the Dad’s with Julia Gillard changing the Family Law Act to suite bloody women and there small minority group of women who hate MEN. If Labor win another election and Shorten is PM we will head down the same path as America and Fathers will be jailed for not be able to afford child support and Fathers rights and children’s rights for access will be removed completely.


  • Alan Bowker says:

    Mangina ALERT!


  • Alan Bowker says:

    socialist-fabian dross as usual… love spending other people's money for their own selfish ends. what happened to the girl from the valleys? planning a return-coup?


  • AL4K says:

    Just another wannabe using politics rather than statistics and policies. How about the false allegation amendment was re-introduced as law, and THEN see just how many real cases of DV exist. Bill Shorten imo has come up the ranks far too quickly.


  • Jase says:

    Wider community support will never come if this discussion continues on unbalanced.


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