Family Court Witnessing Increasingly Ugly False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

gavel_family-courtPARENTS are resorting to “incredulous” sex abuse claims against their ex-partners as custody wars turn increasingly ugly in Queensland.

In a case reported by the Family Court this week, a father won custody of his three children after being accused of inserting 17 items, including “an electrical cord in his anus in the security area at Bunnings”.

The case is one of several uncovered by The Courier-Mail, with parents making unsubstantiated claims, including threats to take their own life.

Centre for Human Potential principal psychologist Paul Martin said sexual abuse claims marked by single-minded vengeance had become a common occurrence in parenting cases with horrible consequences for the children.

“The issue is mud sticks,” Mr Martin said.

“The children can really suffer significant damage for the rest of their lives. The claims can be absolutely incredulous, have horrific consequences and are quite a common occurrence.”

According to the judgment in the latest case, the man’s seven-year-old son made the claims after a toy inducement from his mother.

He told an experienced detective his father inserted into his anus items including nails, a needle, some driftwood, a jellyfish, a small piece of pizza, a marble which grew as big as the room when it was removed, an electric cord at Bunnings, a bow tie and a bouncy ball.

The detective told child safety officials the mother was a “drama queen who is out to get her ex-husband” and authorities found the allegations unsubstantiated after the boy revealed, “if I do a lot I have to get a Lego”.

Instead, the Department of Child Safety found the mother – who split from her ex-husband in April 2011 – emotionally abusive of the boys, 7 and 2, and girl, 5.

Justice Peter Murphy dismissed her bid for a child sexual abuse expert to give evidence after the girl told a child safety officer her mother’s “job is to make people believe that her dad did rude things to her and her brother”.

He also accepted the father’s denials of ever at any time inserting anything or abusing his children.

“(The seven-year-old’s) accounts are marked by allegations which I consider palpably preposterous, the best examples of which are the public insertion of an electrical cord into his father’s anus at a large retail outlet and the marble ‘growing to the size of the room’,” Justice Murphy said.

“The experienced police officer’s plain scepticism about the accounts is shared by me.”

Justice Murphy said he considered many of the assertions made by the boy to be inherently unbelievable.

Despite finding the children had a close and loving relationship with both parents, the judge found they were coached and their statements were taken literally by the mother.

The father will have sole responsibility for all major long-term issues, with the mother having the children five nights a fortnight.

The mother is considering an appeal.

Family Law Specialist Damien Greer said he handled the father’s case, declaring it one of the most “unusual” in his 30-year legal career.

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  • Vicki says:

    Glenn, Centrelink fraud is a much BIGGER joke than Family Court…. have been waiting for Centrelink to prosecute someone for the last 4 years and she did the crime 5 years ago for a very large sum….she will get the same justice that family law courts hand out – “absolutely nothing”……


  • Glenn says:

    The problem is the pathetic women’s groups who put the garbage into a mothers head to do this and state that and you get it all , the children and all the assets. I am going through this bullshit and have done for most of this yr. First came the AVO and an assualt charge to get the ball rolling, then that wasn’t seen as working, along came the AVO change I was going to murder the children, several mths and thousands later never even got to trial, the Police prosecutor realised my ex was a liar, ” A drama Queen” The children have been effected by this and I still have issues gaining thier trust, aged 2×10 and 8. I get the stares the whispers from other ex friends that where once good friends. According to the ex and her family I am in serious need of phsyciatrict help, shame my phsycologist states different. My children are not allowed to see or talk to any of my family I have to battle to take the children out and plan it by deciet having to see the children for an hour and then discuss a day out somewhere and away we go. Family law we have not started as the ex knows best or her lawyer so she states. Ex moved out of our home and wont give me access to it to get my property, yes I have a property recovery order however the police are just as bad at times as the family courts. They will not charge her with obstruction. Welcome to Julia Gillard’s feminist run Australia. Shame after I discussed my child support with the CSA that they told me I have been seperated from my ex since 2007 as she has been claiming a single parent pension and the full tax A & B. Revenge is sweet. We seperated Jan 2012. Myu solution is to my ex… You screw with my children’s minds emotionally and mentally then you suffer the wrath of centrelink fraud. Karmageddon I believe it’s called.


  • Judith says:

    Just think of all the children who the family court has allowed to stay with these vengeful ex-partners and the upbring they will have. Taught to lie, cheat and hate.
    The judges need to be more in touch with reality that is not growing up, they are so out of touch they have no idea what is going on in the world. Soooo Sad.
    Until these people are charge and held accountable it will continue.
    Why is it so different in the family court, if I was charge for drink driving or hurting someone in an accident or not being honest with my Tax I would be charge and even jailed. ??????????
    Instead because these judges are out of touch and will not hold these vengeful people accountable I have lost my grand children – OUR NEXT STOLEN GENERATION. Mmmmm maybe I need to present that to the parliament.


    zac Reply:

    My 10 y.o. daughter was taught to hate me by her mother and maternal g.mother. My daughter was offered inducements to tell a good story during the 10 month custody war. She did this after I refused to purchase items such as a play station or ridiculous slippers. She self harmed after she worked out what her mother was doing with the tall stories ( false allegations of child molestation) and is now still getting counselling, now aged 16.


  • Milton Arnoldo Conde says:

    This is another good example of Legal and Judicial Corruption in the Family Court of Australia.

    Justice Peter Murphy conveniently forgot to apply and enforce the Family Law Rules 2004 – Chapter 15 – Evidence – Summary of Chapter 15 – A PERSON MAY BE PROSECUTED FOR KNOWINGLY MAKING FALSE STATEMENTS IN EVIDENCE. (See section 35 of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth)) – GIVING FALSE TESTIMONY and Section 7A of the Family Law Act 1975 – APPLICATION OF THE CRIMINAL CODE ACT 1995 (Cth) – Chapter 2 – of the CRIMINAL CODE APPLIES TO ALL OFFENCES AGAINST THIS ACT.

    Justice Peter Murphy or any Judge of the Family Court MUST prosecute this “Mother” unde section 35 of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth).

    Also this “mother” must be prosecuted for Perjury and other Offences Relating to the Administration of Justice.

    Furthermore, this “Mother” is guilty of Child Abuse by implanting Parental Alienation on her own children.

    Parental Alienation is form of Torture, Emotional and Psychologic Child Abuse and MUST be penalised by the Family Court.

    Centre for Human Potential Principal Psychologist Paul Martin found that abuses claims marked by single-minded vengeance causes horrible consequences for the children, but NO recommendations or comments about the danger of Parental Alienation were made by Mr Martin.

    The Department of Child Safety found that this “Mother” emotionally abusive of the boys, 7 and 2, and girl 5, but NOTHING was done to punish this “Mother”.

    The Detective told Child Safety Officials the “Mother” was a ‘Drama Queen who is out to get her ex-husband’, but NO charges were laid againts this “mother” for lying and making false complaints to Police and Department of Child Safety.



    Milton Arnoldo Conde



  • Vicki says:

    So, Peter Murphy still has NOT GOT what it takes to do the right thing and prosecute this female who calls herself a mother!!! He believes she is still entitled to 5 nights and an appeal?????? God give us strength, these judges need to grow some……..I have read far tooooo many of these stories in the last 30 years and STILL nothing is done to these perpetrating females…….


  • Steen jensen says:

    What do AUSTRALIAN courts expect ? By stealing assets and children on false allegations.How obvious need it to be?

    5 years of torture!


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