Australian Courts SOFT on Women Killers – Penis Mutilator Killer Gets 3 Years Jail

jian-chen-penis-death, Soft Sentence for Gruesome Killing

Soft Sentence for Gruesome Killing

Well, did we expect anything else?

Another female killer gets a slap on the wrist from Australia’s Criminal Courts.

It seems the loss of a man’s life is simply unworthy of a meaningful jail sentence.

Jian Chen, a mother of two who cut off part of her former lover’s penis and flushed it down the toilet has been sentenced to a remarkably soft three years and nine months jail-term.

I am sure that the mother and father of her victim will now be asking why their son’s life was worth less than 4 years jail-time.

The incident unfolded as the self-confessed killer prepared dinner for her victim, Jin Xiang Peng, where she allegedly first came up with the idea of spiking his soup in order to make him unconscious, and then cutting off his penis.

When Peng awoke several hours later Chen bound his hands and feet and stabbed him a number of times in the neck and groin before attempting to cut off his penis and to castrate him.

As a result he had lacerations to his groin and his penis had been scalped.

However in quite a remarkable statement, the judge said the act was not premeditated, despite admitting that Chen had thought for hours about what she would do.

I wonder if the likes of Phil Cleary and others like him at the NSW parliamentary inquiry into provocation are listening. They are trying to remove any defence for men against provoked violence. Perhaps they should be focussing on these types of miscarriages of justice too, if they are genuine in their attempt to create better laws for all concerned, which I seriously doubt.

So is this just a rare one-off case that should be considered an aberration?

The answer is no.

Look at the below case, of the yet to be tried US woman, who many believe will also get to walk.

Catherine Kieu Becker, with malice of forethought, drugged her husband, restrained him on his bed, waited until he woke up and only then, when he was conscious, severed his penis with a kitchen knife. She then destroyed the severed organ using the kitchen garbage disposal unit. Her husband attracted this violent dismemberment by admitting that he sought a divorce. When the police arrived, Ms. Becker informed the police that her now emasculated and hemorrhaging, soon to be ex-husband, deserved it.

And what about a case closer to home.

AN Adelaide woman who snapped and killed her cheating husband by setting him on fire has walked from court with only a suspended sentence.

Rajini Narayan, 46, was found guilty of the manslaughter of 47-year-old Satish Narayan after being tried for his murder.

In the Supreme Court of South Australia today, Justice John Sulan sentenced her to six years in jail with a non-parole period of four years for the death of her husband in December 2008.

He suspended her sentence saying there was good reason to do so and that her husband’s conduct was a mitigating factor.

Good reason to do so?

Oh yes of course, she is a female. That seems to be reason enough for the Courts to let killers walk these days.

And back to Chen for the moment. Why did she get such a short sentence? Well because the Judge accepted that she was ‘temporarily’ insane when she committed the crime.

Miraculously, she is no longer insane. It was a temporary thing that only lasted as long as the crime.

Justice Schmidt found Chen’s bizarre beliefs were founded by a long-time underlying depressive illness such that her “capacity to understand events, or to judge whether her actions were right or wrong, or to control herself, were substantially impaired”.

However, Justice Schmidt said “her illness does not excuse what she has done” and she needed to be punished with jail time.

Yes of course Judge, so let’s give her just a few years behind bars, just as a pretence that she did not get away with it.


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  • Robert E Kennedy says:

    Reply to Paul L says:
    August 30, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Feminism telling females how infallible they are and interfering with government administration and the course of justice protecting female offenders. And feminist telling females how infallible they are and police and courts going soft on female offenders has led to the delusion of female as being ‘untouchable’. So they have been arrogantly behaving that way.

    But the day seems to be nigh when true gender equality begins. On this week end reports out Victoria are that female crime and violence has has reached a record high. Well is it no wonder being concealed and fostered for decades and people sick to the teeth of the bias.

    Its not been fair on women to be misled by feminists but do the crime and do the time. Anyhow women are normally facilitators in so many things including crime and deserve the equality they so much advocated while they thought they were immune.

    Like feminists encouraged ‘women and Nichiren’ families and deception of fathers as cuckold men. Another father in Australia very recently successfully sued the mother in the family court for $25,000 for fatherhood deceit. Even the family court seems to be waking up to gender equality. Today in the military in the front line MUST match the same standard as men. Will weed out another claim of gender equality and expose myths against ‘gender capacity hidden under gender equality claims. Gender equality applies to only ‘opportunities’ to be equal not fudged facts of being equal.

    Of course women have always been involved on crime and long before Tilly Devine and Ma Barker and her Boys [sons].

    Robert E Kennedy Coordinator
    NT Office Status of Family 08 8932 3339


  • Peter says:

    I do not agree that most women find this a horrible crime. Did you notice that the entire audience, the vast majority of them females…..laughed also. Show the video of the talk to any woman, and you will see, they will laugh. Women find horror at a woman breaking a fingernail, and humor at a man breaking his neck. Most women are misandric, if you aren’t, you are the minority.


  • Paul L says:

    Not surprising after the Lorena Bobbit case, there have been 100′s of women mutilating their husbands/boyfriends genitals with little or no jail time, most of them in Asian countries. Don’t be surprised if we see more and more jealous women doing such violent acts, look at the TV show “The Talk” and “Catherine Kieu Becker” episode when Sarron Osborne and the other women in the showed basically made fun of this poor man’s misery and struggle to survive after his wife cut off his penis and threw it in the garborator, because he wanted a divorce. The 5 women on the show basically joked about this awful crime presuming the since she did that “He must have deserved it”. I wonder if the tables were turned and the man would mutilate a woman’s genitals would have it that easy and what would happen to a panel of men laughing about this in public. This is a double standard and men should not be embarassed to speak out against this type of sexism and injustice. Come on guys, speak out!!!!


    twhittles Reply:

    There are a whole lot of normal, healthy, happily married, non-man-hating women out here in the world who also think that cutting off someon’e genitals is socioopathic and that a person who does such a thing should be locked up. I am a one such woman. I think it’s revolting that some people laugh at this, but look at the source: Sharon Osborne? I mean, seriously. I agree that such an attitude is sexist. No one finds female genital mutilation funny. But it should not be a divisive man-vs-woman thing. No decent human being would be amused by this.


    Paul L Reply:

    I agree with you that that most women think like you however what bothers me is the quantity of women that don’t, in the show “The Talk” the other 4 women joined in the laughter with Sharon Osbrone, also a pathetic facebook page called “Free Catherine Kieu Becker” with 1000′s of “Likes” and followers. I couldn’t believe the comments that so many women posted. That’s disturbing! I do agree with you however that most women find this crime horrible and she should be punished just as much as if a man had mutilated a woman’s genitals. There should be no favoritism for either sexes. You know, it’s one thing that she commited this crime, there are many crazy people out there, it’s the ones that support and laugh about it that bothers me.


    twhittles Reply:

    Yes, I see your point, Paul, and I agree: this should bother all of us, very deeply.

  • Emelio Lizardo says:

    But if you inadvertantly kill a woman, you’ll likely get the whole book thrown at you.

    Take a moment and add your comment to the WaPo article.


  • captain crapper says:

    wow. australia has become as pussified as canada. i feel sorry for you, my southern hemisphere cousins…


    Wes Reply:

    Yeah, I remember the Lillian Getkate case…murder a man in his sleep, call it self-defense and battered woman syndrome, lie to the psychiatrist about never having heard of BWS before then use the crash course your lawyer gave you in how to pull it off before seeing the shrink as ‘mitigation’ and wih the grand prize of 3 years house arrest with your mum… You can even get to keep the $40K you made disappear without your late husband’s knowledge, that the forensic accountants never found! Of course you can’t do it alone, it really helps when the judge throws out the piece of paper with your calculations titled ‘how much I get if he dies,’ with numbers that line up to days before the murder.


  • twhittles says:

    Actually, this is not unusual for an Australian court. I have lived her for nearly nine years because my husband is Australian, but I am an American by birth and rearing. I am constantly dismayed by how lightly murderers are sentenced here – not just women, but men, too. Frequently, what seems to be a murder to the rest of us is reduced to the lesser charge of manslaughter (such as in this case you cited).

    Just today, a man who was having a shoot-em-up in a parking lot in 2010 killed another, unrelated man, as he drove by the lot, and the shooter was sentenced to five years and nine months, but he will be eligible for parole in 2016 ( In my view, whether he intended to shoot that particular man is not the point. The point is that he was shooting at people in a parking lot, and someone died because of it.

    Occasionally, someone committing murder actually does receive a lengthy sentence. One example would be Arthur Freeman, who threw his little girl off one of our bridges here in Melbourne

    But I have not really noticed that it’s lighter for women than men. The “provocation” defence, which was intended to support women who are victims of domestic violence, has worked more often in lighter sentences in cases where men have murdered their wives. I don’t condone it either way. Murder is murder.


  • Glenn says:

    What a joke this country has become. Women are getting away with murder, taking AVO’s based on no facts, parental alienation by mothers is the worse of child abuse I have seen by my ex wife. it’s just a joke and it’s disgusting


  • AnthonyZarat says:

    This is a very typical outcome for the sexist feminist court systems around the world. Violent and predatory female killers are given free pass to kill and maim with no consequence. Men go to prison for 15 years for the “crime” of being too poor to pay child support, but a woman who tortures and murders a man is given a few months jail. Typical feminist discrimination and bigotry.


  • Wes says:

    It reveals a tension between the criminal courts and the family court, in so far as women are readily believed when an insanity defense is raised in the former, on the grounds that women are more easily led to criminal behaviour due to some assumed intrinsic emotionality. OTOH, in the family court, the same thing that turns women into venomously vexatious litigants is a Good Thing (TM) because they ‘nurture’ the children with their emotional side, which of course is assumed not to have the dark side that is front and centre in the other court. IMHO the kangaroos on the crests are well-placed.


  • Norman Mayler says:

    “Justice Schmidt accepted that at the time of the offence, Chen’s capacity to judge her actions and to control herself were “substantially impaired by an abnormality of the mind arising from a serious depressive illness”

    So that’s all it takes. Just claim that you were depressed, and then pre-meditated murder becomes manslaughter, and you get out of jail in just a few years.

    This piss excuse for justice is a great example to all other women who fear that their husband will leave them. Just kill him then claim that he was an adulterer and you were depressed at him leaving you.

    That’s all it takes to escape a murder conviction in Australia.


    zac Reply:

    There’s no point men complaining about reduced sentences for female ‘man killers’, it may as well be the dead victim trying to protest his death from ‘the other side’……sisters and mothers need to find their voice about gender injustice if they care


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