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Non-Custodial Parents Party – Child Support Policy

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non custodial parents party, child support policiesA. The Issue.

The current Family Law and Child Support problems are caused by Government interference.

This intervention is based on a perceived wage inequality between non-custodial parents and custodial parents.

The current Government policy is to address this perceived inequality through the unaccountable use of bureaucratic and judicial intervention.

As a result:

1. Non-custodial parents do not have proper contact with their children.

2. Custodial parents then do not receive an adequate amount of support.

3. The children from separated families do not have adequate contact withboth parents.

4. The Government does not receive taxation revenue that it would normally receive.

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Introduction to Fathers4Equality Reddit – register & start sharing

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F4E-Subreddit, introduction to Reddit, fathers4equalityReddit is a social bookmarking website with over 1 billion page views per month and millions of registered users from all over the globe.

It is a multi-channeled website where almost everything that can be talked about has its own channel (otherwise known as a subreddit).

Reddit is a place where professionals and novices alike gather to discuss content they find on the web.

Reddit users (commonly called Redditors), typically find an important, interesting or controversial newspaper article or website page, and submit it to a relevant subreddit for discussion and judgment.

Submissions are determined to be popular based on the number of comments from other users made about the article or webpage, and by the number of up-votes or down-votes attributed to that submission.

In essense, the quality and value of a submission is determined by the users themselves, and the Reddit community, being as large as it is, has the ability to propel an obscure newspaper article and/or webpage into the internet stratosphere and by doing so make the article widely available through other web resources like Google search and other newspaper sites.

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Male Teachers Abandoning Public Schools over Discrimination

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male-teacher-male-role-model.FEAR of being accused of child sex crimes and higher pay in non-government schools are being blamed for a 4 per cent fall in the number of men teaching in NSW public schools.

While the number of male teachers in private schools has risen 20 per cent, government schools are suffering a lack of men.The “alarming” figures contained in a Social Trends report released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics were damned by the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations.

The report found that since 2000, the number of men teaching in government schools had fallen from about 50,000 to less than 48,000. Non-government schools, including independent and Catholic schools, enjoyed a rise from less than 24,000 to more than 29,000.

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Boys with Absent Dads Experience Developmental Delays, UK Study

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young-boy-fatherless-boy-developmental-delaysAccording to the British study, young boys who were denied a meaningful relationship with their father while they were growing up experienced significant developmental delays compared to their peers.

The researchers suggested it was possible the stress associated with not having a father around could have an effect on adolescent hormones and delay puberty.

Boys with absent fathers were also more likely to have had at least one child by the time they turned 23 compared to those whose fathers were still at home by the time their sons turned 16.

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Child Abuse by Mothers in Australia – A case study

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stop child abuse, women abuse children more than any other groupNobody believed ‘Frank’ when he tried to protect his son from bureaucratic bungling. John Stapleton reports that, nearly 20 years on, Frank has been proved right, even though he lost in court.

The boy was eight weeks old when his father called welfare authorities and pleaded with them to take his son into foster case. He alleged that the mother was being violent towards the child, throwing him against walls and trying to smother him. The authorities ignored him, as they did for years to come, but the father persevered.

Twenty years, 550 days in court and tens of millions of dollars of public funds later, the matter which has just run across the civil, criminal and family law jurisdictions, reached its final chapter this week.

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Children need mum and dad for best mental health

shared-parenting-best-for-kidsTHERE is no substitute for parents of both genders. Happy heterosexual marriages are the best environment for the mental health of children.

Many people think – but have been afraid to express it – that married couples in a loving relationship provide our children the best opportunity to prepare for a fulfilling and happy life.

A report released this week, titled For Kids’ Sake and authored by Professor Patrick Parkinson of the University of Sydney, is a sober reminder of this.

It says, in part: “The wellbeing of Australia’s children and young adults has declined sharply in the past decade, and …sliding marriage rates are partly to blame”.

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Exposing False Allegations –

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Victoria-haigh-child-rape-false-accuser, false allegations, child sexual abuse

Hmm, a US website that publishes the identities of false accusers, for all to see.

This idea may end up being a great, albeit only deterrent to the epidemic of false allegations in the Family Courts.

Given that the Gillard government will soon be encouraging even more false allegations in the Australian Family Court by removing any penalty for perjury, then maybe using the internet to expose the truth may become the only option available to bring some common sense to this rampant crime against innocent parents and children.

I would go one further and ensure that both male and female false accusers to be published, as long as the weight of evidence concludes that they have knowingly made a false allegation.

I see the publication of these moral criminals and child abusers by any other name, as no different to the publication of deadbeat dads that have proliferated across the web, although one would have to consider the necessary safeguards in order to protect minors when child abuse is alleged. This part would have to be thought out carefully.

In any case, if it is good enough to out one form of abuse, then surely it is good enough to out another form.

Perhaps this is an idea that should be explored further for Australia.

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Placing Children in harms way: Labor’s Family Law Fiasco

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gillard-attitude-to-the-welfare-of-children-of-divorceMost people by now would have heard the commonly-peddled Julia Gillard-Labor party claim that Australia’s current Child Custody family laws are in urgent need of amendment in order to protect vulnerable children from child abuse.

Putting children’s safety first” is one of numerous newspaper headlines blindly towing this line, resulting in a growing perception that the existing 2006 Shared Parental Responsibility laws had openned the floodgates to rampant child abuse, in the guise of Shared Parenting arrangements.

According to one prominent Green, child abuse is “gendered”, and presumably as a result children should be denied contact with men, especially separated fathers, as a matter of policy. The fact that these same Greens support Gay (male) adoption makes one wonder how a political party that wants to be taken seriously can bring itself to support two completely incompatible policies when it comes to the safety of children.

The federal Attorney General, Robert McClelland, has himself been relentless in his portrayal of the 2006 Shared Parenting amendments as being detrimental to women, and he has vowed to change these laws in order to protect “women and children” from fathers.

Strangely, McClelland has vowed to do this by removing the penalties for false allegations and perjury in the Family Court, and by effectively dismantling measures designed to encourage co-operation between divorcing parents.

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Labor Red-Faced as Parents rush to Shared Parenting

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tanya-plibersek- claiming credit for shared parenting with one hand, while tearing it down with the other

Tanya Plibersek - well earned reputation for her anti-male beliefs

Research published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) has shown that more children from separated families are now spending time with both parents than in the past.

The finding has been claimed as evidence that changes to shared care arrangements under the family law system were working.

Attorney-General, Robert McClelland said among new cases registered with the Child Support Agency each year, the proportion with a shared or near shared care-time arrangement increased from 9 per cent to 17 over five years.

Mr McClelland said that in addition, a survey of 10,000 parents who had been separated after the reforms for an average of 15 months found 16 per cent had a shared care arrangement.

However in a extra-ordinary statement that conflicts with the relentless efforts by Labor over the past two years, the Attorney General stated that: “The Government strongly supports shared care arrangements when it’s in the best interests of children”.

This is despite McClelland being at the fore of the complete roll-back of the 2006 Shared Parenting reforms, to the point where separated fathers will be prevented from having any meaningful contact with their children at all.

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Women’s Rights push Dads and Children Aside

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women-better-than-men, and better than children too!IT is hard to fathom that the law would exclude a loving father from the life of his child on social policy grounds. Yet this is what occurred recently in NSW when a non-biological lesbian mother successfully applied to have the name of the father, a sperm donor, struck off the birth certificate of his IVF-conceived 10-year-old daughter and replaced with her own.

This kind of court decision, however, will come as little surprise to many dads, all too familiar with the operation of family law in Australia. Usually women’s rights trump the needs of fathers and children, as is again being demonstrated by the Gillard government’s changes to the Family Law Act, which will make it easier for separated mothers to exclude fathers from children’s lives.

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