Government Office ‘falsified’ figures on Domestic Violence – Ombudsman finds

Government office reports fake statistics about domestic violenceThe issues of child protection and domestic violence have been hijacked by politically motivated feminist cliques, according to a coalition of men’s groups.

The claim came after an ombudsman’s report found bureaucrats guilty of “unreasonable and wrong administrative action” after failing to correct false and misleading information that promoted the idea men were overwhelmingly responsible for domestic violence.

South Australia’s Office for Women presented erroneous statistics, such as 95 per cent of domestic violence involves a male perpetrator and a female victim, the ombudsman found. Raw data show that, overall, at least one in three victims are male.

South Australia’s Office for Women presented erroneous statistics, such as 95 per cent of domestic violence involves a male perpetrator and a female victim, the ombudsman found. Raw data show that, overall, at least one in three victims are male.

Men’s Health Australia spokesman Greg Andresen said the SA Ombudsman’s report should make the Gillard Government think twice about rolling back the shared parenting reforms introduced to family law by the Howard government — which effectively guarantee fathers some level of access to their children in the event of marital breakdown.

“The picture seems to be emerging of offices of women around the country — who advise state and federal ministers — having taken deeply feminist lines on domestic abuse and child protection,” Mr Andresen said.

“These bureaucrats have a strong feminist perspective — and that’s probably appropriate for people concerned with women’s issues.

“But the problem is that when governments roll out programs relating to children, what gets rolled out is a program for women, not one that has equal regard for men and women.

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  • Robert E Kennedy says:

    Again as in other fathers4equaity comments the Australian Federal and States and Territories Governments are loaded to the hilt with feminist who blind eye their sisterhood in the Public Service and Government Funded NGO’s. Arrogantly and unlawfully substituting their own feminist template for the template of The Legislature.

    I know a bit behind this one especially. Tanya Plibersek was Federal Minister for Women’s Affairs that also has the National Domestic Violence Strategy that they themselves changed to Violence Against Women. Thus the whole budged is now used as a war chest of solely male blame in their gender war against men.

    The National President of Lone Fathers Australia Barry Williams told Federal Minister for women’s affairs Tanya Plibersek in person that the allegation was false but she said that it was the way it was going to remain. And so it did on to another EMILY’s List Minster for Families Jenny Macklin who bundled it with funding to all States and Territories.

    It was in South Australia that Greg Anderson successfully had the Ombudsman prevail upon the South Australian Public Service to make the alterations back to fact. I was not so successful in The Northern Territory firstly at the feminism Anti Discrimination Commission and its appeal in the Darwin Magistrates Court. The court could not see that false portrayals of men fitted into the Anti Discrimination Act.

    Feminism rules by its female sole gender ideology out of all Australian Governments and Public Services. To observe this as in this very example one needs only to turn to the official GOVERNMENT statistics of where these false statistics arose under feminist EMILY’s List Ministers Plibersek and Macklin. By turning to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

    Where over four years ago ABS had 28% of violence to women is by other women shoots down the feminists claim 90% of violence to women is by men.

    More recently by Australian Bureau of Statistics it has climbed 38% of violence to women is by other women and when women attack men it is 77% in the home – domestic violence by women against men. So not an iota of truth in the Plibesek claim and the statistics she and Macklin distributed nationally.

    So it is plainly visible EMILY’s List feminists have no conscience to lie outrageously FROM THEIR GOVERNMENT OFFICES to substitutes their own ideology for the real facts of society.

    It is up to blokes to get the finger out and start clawing back our democracy. Don’t count on the male politicians to make their feminist colleagues honest because blokes and fathers on their heterosexual family matters are sold out by the male politicians. Swapping votes with feminists and selling out fathers to get the feminists support on other ‘re election’ matters.

    So blokes and fathers unless you take up the cudgels yourself you will be keeping yourself and other blokes and children as second class citizens.

    Make feminism IN OFFICE and tampering with Government and The Public Service an election issue AND NEVER VOTE FOR AN EMILY’S LIST CANTIDATE. Take a geek at the list below how many are in parliament anti male and what it means if you still do nothing about it at the next elections Federal or State or Territory.

    Robert E Kennedy Coordinator
    NT Office Status of Family 08 8932 3339

    Current State/Territory

    Katy Gallagher ACT Member for Molonglo, and Chief Minister

    Yvette Berry ACT Member for Ginninderra

    Joy Burch ACT Member for Brindabella

    Mary Porter ACT Member for Ginninderra

    Linda Burney NSW Member for Canterbury

    Noreen Hay NSW Member for Wollongong

    Sonia Hornery NSW Member for Wallsend

    Penny Sharpe NSW Member for Leg. Council

    Carmel Tebbutt NSW Member for Marrickville

    Lynda Voltz NSW Member for Leg. Council

    Helen Westwood NSW Member for Leg. Council

    Natasha Fyles NT Member for Nightcliff

    Delia Lawrie NT Member for Karama, and Opposition Leader

    Lynne Walker NT Member for Nhulunbuy

    Desley Scott QLD Member for Woodridge

    Jackie Trad QLD Member for South Brisbane

    Frances Bedford SA Member for Florey

    Lyn Breuer SA Member for Giles

    Susan Close SA Member for Port Adelaide

    Gail Gago SA Member for Leg. Council

    Robyn Geraghty SA Member for Torrens

    Stephanie Key SA Member for Ashford

    Grace Portolesi SA Member for Hartley

    Jennifer Rankine SA Member for Wright

    Gay Thompson SA Member for Reynell

    Lara Giddings TAS Member for Franklin, and Premier

    Michelle O’Byrne TAS Member for Bass

    Rebecca White TAS Member for Lyons

    Jacinta Allan VIC Member for Bendigo East

    Liz Beattie VIC Member for Yuroke

    Candy Broad VIC Member for Northern Victoria

    Lily D’Ambrosio VIC Member for Mill Park

    Kaye Darveniza VIC Member for Northern Victoria

    Joanne Duncan VIC Member for Macedon

    Maree Edwards VIC Member for Bendigo West

    Jane Garrett VIC Member for Brunswick

    Danielle Green VIC Member for Yan Yean

    Jill Hennessy VIC Member for Altona

    Natalie Hutchins VIC Member for Keilor

    Sharon Knight VIC Member for Ballarat West

    Jenny Mikakos VIC Member for Northern Metropolitan

    Lisa Neville VIC Member for Bellarine

    Bronwyn Pike VIC Member for Melbourne

    Jaala Pulford VIC Member for Western Victoria

    Fiona Richardson VIC Member for Northcote

    Gayle Tierney VIC Member for Western Victoria

    Sue Ellery WA Member for Leg. Council South Met.

    Carol Martin WA Member for Kimberley

    Sally Talbot WA Member for Leg. Council South West

    Lisa Baker WA Member for Maylands

    Janine Freeman WA Member for Nollamara

    Linda Savage WA Member for Leg. Council Eastern Metro

    Former Federal Members of

    Jennie George NSW Former Member for Throsby

    Kelly Hoare NSW Former Member for Charlton

    Julia Irwin NSW Former Member for Fowler

    Cheryl Kernot QLD Former Member for Dickson

    Kerry Rea QLD Former Member for Bonner

    Leonie Short QLD Former Member for Ryan

    Jodie Campbell TAS Former Member for Bass

    Sue Mackay TAS Former Senator

    Ann Corcoran VIC Former Member for Isaacs

    Sharryn Jackson WA Former Member for Hasluck

    Carmen Lawrence WA Former Member for Fremantle

    Jann McFarlane WA Former Member for Stirling

    Ruth Webber WA Former Senator

    Former State/Territory Members of

    Karin MacDonald ACT Former Member for Brindabella

    Verity Firth NSW Former Member for Balmain

    Alison Megarritty NSW Former Member for Menai

    Sandra Nori NSW Former Member for Port Jackson

    Karyn Paluzzano NSW Former Member for Penrith

    Christine Robertson NSW Former Member for Leg. Council

    Jane Aagard NT Former Member for Nightcliff

    Malarndirri McCarthy NT Former Member for Arnhem

    Clare Martin NT Former Member for Fannie Bay, and Chief Minister

    Kerry Sacilotto NT Former Member for Port Darwin

    Marion Scrymgour NT Former Member for Arafura

    Bonny Barry QLD Former Member for Aspley

    Anna Bligh QLD Former Member for South Brisbane, and Premier

    Desley Boyle QLD Former Member for Cairns

    Liddy Clark QLD Former Member for Clayfield

    Lesley Clark QLD Former Member for Barron River

    Wendy Edmond QLD Former Member for Mt Coot-tha

    Jan Jarratt QLD Former Member for Whitsunday

    Linda Lavarch QLD Former Member for Kurwongbah

    Lindy Nelson-Carr QLD Former Member for Mundingburra

    Rachel Nolan QLD Former Membe for Ipswich

    Dianne Reilly QLD Former Member for Mudgeeraba

    Christine Smith QLD Former Member for Burleigh

    Judy Spence QLD Former Member for Mt Gravatt, Sunnybank

    Barbara Stone QLD Former Member for Springwood

    Karen Struthers QLD Former Member for Algester

    Christine Scott QLD Former Member for Charters Towers

    Jane Lomax-Smith SA Former Member for Adelaide

    Lea Stevens SA Former Member for Little Para

    Fran Bladel TAS Former Member for Franklin

    Heather Butler TAS Former Member for Lyons

    Allison Ritchie TAS Former Member for Pembroke

    Lin Thorp TAS Former Legislative Council Member for Rumney

    Paula Wriedt TAS Former Member for Franklin

    Denise Allen VIC Former Member for Benalla

    Dympna Beard VIC Former Member for Kilsyth

    Rosy Buchanan VIC Former Member for Hastings

    Helen Buckingham VIC Former Member for Koonung Province

    Elaine Carbines VIC Former Member for Western Vic Province

    Mary Delahunty VIC Former Member for Northcote

    Anne Eckstein VIC Former Member for Ferntree Gully

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    Judy Edwards WA Former Member for Maylands

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    Alannah MacTiernan WA Former Member for Armadale

    Jaye Radisich WA Former Member for Swan Hills

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  • Ian Mack says:

    The truth that is not allowed to be published is it is women who are the most violent of partners in any relationship.

    If you talk to the average man in the street; it is the women who control the money in the home, it is the women who demand the man punish the child because she does not hurt the child enough when she hits them, it is the women who deside what the family is going to do for the night, weekend or holidays.

    It is the women who often claim, when they hit you because they did not like something, they were only joking and it did not hurt because they are a woman or you are a man. This is supported by judges who claim the attacks of women are defensive rather than the offensive attack they so often are hence the scratches are on the face and neck.

    Woman cause more psychological damage to every member of society “because they are having a: “that time of the month” or “hormonal day””.
    Who has not heard that excuse for a woman’s bad violent behaviour?

    Bring on the PA laws of Brazil and see how female violence diminishes.


  • Paw says:

    NO, I don’t believe it. No, why would the govt make up such lies.

    Wow, talk about state the obvious. We all know that the govt, it’s agencies and NGOs that have anything to do with human services, are full of lies and deceipt.

    They have other agencies to carry out studies and surveys, which come up with a clear picture of what we know as the truth, but for some reason the rest of the govt and its agencies, totally ignore these findings and simply make up their own.
    All in the name of feminist projected equality, which means all things are equal for women, but for men it’s the scraps from the table.

    I mean, I can understand these nasty banshees thinking that way, but I lose track of their alledged logic, when they insist on using innocent children as their preferred weapon of choice.
    To me that is a sub-human and most offensive practice indeed!


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