Woman who had sex with young boys claims it was just sex education

Female sexual assault perpetrators, sex education, BOARDING school worker, psychiatrist, house-mother, Judge Anthony Garling, Forster CourtSEVEN boy boarders at one of the State’s most exclusive private schools have alleged they were raped by their female house mistress earlier this year.

The boys have told police that the offences took place on the school grounds between February and June.

Their 40-year-old “house mother” appeared in Forster Court last week charged with 34 counts of aggravated sexual assault and aggravated indecency with the students.

She is alleged to have had sex with the seven boys under “aggravated circumstances” 24 times at the school this year.

She was first arrested in August over offences against one boy, but has since been charged with assaulting six other students after continuing police inquiries.

Her identity and the name of the school have been suppressed to protect the boys.

The revelations have rocked the exclusive school, among whose well-heeled alumni are former politicians, top-level sportsmen and the sons of several powerful Australian and international identities.

At the time of the alleged offences, the woman was employed by the school as a “caring” mother figure, organising beds and uniforms.

She lived in a flat adjoining the student dormitories.

She is alleged to have had sex with the seven boys under “aggravated circumstances” 24 times at the school this year.

Under the Crimes Act, “aggravated” is a term applied to sex acts committed with persons under the age of 16.

Court documents allege she had sex with one 11-year-old boy eight times while he was “under her authority” in the space of five months.

She is alleged to have had sex with the other six boys in her care 14 times during the same period.

The woman, who is out on bail, is also accused of having committed an act of indecency in front of four of the boys in April this year. Court documents also allege the woman incited one of the boys, aged 12, to commit an act of indecency.

The woman told a psychiatrist her actions were for the purpose of “sex education”.

She has since been sacked from the school, which faces the prospect of more alleged victims coming forward as police  investigations continue.

The woman arrived with her mother at Forster Local Court last week before walking into the adjacent police station, where she is required to report to officers three times a week.

She sat in the court’s waiting room with her head on her mother’s shoulder while waiting for her court hearing.
When approached by The Sunday Telegraph, the woman declined to comment.

Detectives first arrested the woman on August 18 when she was charged with five child sex offences allegedly committed against one 12-year-old boy.

After intensive police investigations,  six other boys came forward alleging they also had sex with the woman.  She was rearrested and charged with an additional 29 child sex offences.

The charges include 24 counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a child under 16, nine of aggravated indecency with a child under 16, and one count each of inciting a person under 16 to commit an act of indecency and committing an act of indecency with a child under 16.

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In a brief mention of the matter, Magistrate Shaughan McCosker granted a continuing suppression order last week.

The case is the latest in a series of sex cases to reach court this year involving teachers at a number of elite schools.

But in other cases, where the alleged crimes were committed years ago and victims are now older, there have been no suppression orders.

Four former teachers from exclusive Knox Grammar School on Sydney’s north shore were this year charged over child sex offences from the 1980s.

Read more: http://www.news.com.auhttp://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw-act/house-mothers-actions-on-boys-were-sex-education/story-e6freuzi-1225964160114#ixzz16v1srcen

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  • Robert E Kennedy says:

    Why do almost all child abuse inquiries end up being solely sexual abuse inquiries? There are several main reasons.

    Firstly feminists dominate parliament beyond their numbers and numerically overwhelm in the Public Service especially around family and heterosexual Service Deliveries. Misandary prevails

    Secondly the momentum is initiated on general child abuse but feminists then take control and hype up sex and and other abuses become understated and eventually erased by the time an inquiry is launched. Misandary prevails

    Thirdly feminist hype exaggerates the solely male blame aspect and female child sex perpetrators become understated and shielded in the deceitful ways of feminism. Solely male blame prevails

    Fourthly there have been so many sex inquiries that the feminists knew beforehand it would be only another skirmish in their favour in their gender war against men. Misandary prevails.

    On which EMILY’s List Field Marshall of the gender war against men Gillard built her Misogany war cry . To make it clear GG Bryce and she and Macklin and EMILY’s LIst Co have achieved only what Al Queda dreams of. To be elected by the people to govern and wage their war against men and hetersexual families behind the front of Government. Misandary prevails.

    Google EMILY’s List and be stunned all Labor female polticians have been funded in electons by EMILY’s List fundraising to elevate their gender war into parliament. Hence Gillards Misorgany COO EEE eee to feminists to vote more male hate feminists into the ranks of parliament. Misandary prevails

    Join me in ‘fight back’ against unconstituional the rule by solely male blame.

    Robert E Kennedy
    Coordinator – NT Office Status of Family – 08 8932 3339


  • Darwin says:

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  • Ausfire says:

    If the perpetrator was a male his name would of been released, to protect other kids.

    Anyone that has kids attending the school in question will KNOW how this woman is, and most likely have a good idea, if not know, who the boys are. Anyone that does not, will NOT know the boys anyway.

    This suppression is NOT in the best interest of children as know one outside the school will know who this sexual predator is, and will NOT protect other children.

    All the suppression does is protect the name of the school (which most likely knew it was happening) and the offender – DOUBLE STANDARDS AGAIN!!!


  • Edward Nichols, MSW, LCSW says:

    There is no question that their is bias between men and women when it comes to the sexual abuse of children. This needs to be changed in the best interests of our children.


  • Roger says:

    You need therapy Mark !!!


    Craig Reply:

    See Mark, you wouldn’t want your daughter taken advantage by either a woman or man, i guess there’s an old culture where for a guy a score is a score., but it does not allow women, to have freedom to abuse. and men go to gaol for the same thing, otherwise you are saying men shouldn’t go to gaol for that or you haven’t thought about it enough……


  • Roger says:

    Reverse the genders. A 40 year old “house father” who had sex with young girls claims it was just sex education would have made it to the front page of every major newspaper in the country.

    I read, not just one, but several different newspapers every day and I didn’t see this arcticle make it to the front page, or any other page for that matter. I’m convinced now that the media is very gender-bias.

    If anyone did see this article in a newspaper can you please let me know.


  • zac says:

    And this is coming from someone who has been falsely accused of molesting my own 10 yo daughter by my health professional ex-wife and hearing (weeks later) that my daughter had self harmed in her mother’s presense and I was also blamed for that ..even though my daughter was upset because she wanted to spend time with me and knew that her mother had lied about me.

    I don’t mind 11 yo’s experimenting with their peers…40 yo’s experimenting with (seven) 11 yo’s requires a 10 year +++ sentence…Just to repeat Mark, you are a sick individual.


  • zac says:

    Mark, you are a sick puppy..who needs help.

    An 11 yo boy should not be introduced to sex let alone sexual assault as his first “experience” (As Kyle Sanderlands ignorantly asked a young female RAPE victim)

    Mark, if you have kids god help them…because you are advocating that TRUSTED teachers and carers can use our kids as sex toys objects, experiments and play things…

    Book yourself in for counselling and ask your therapist why you are thinking that this is O.K.


  • Craig says:

    Ian, there’s a guy on MMM in Sydney radio, he’s starting to see that the AG is useless, and is making him accountable, at least via the air waves…………..


  • Ulf Andersson says:


    We can´t have double standards in criminal cases -
    depending on the sex of the perpetrator and the sex of the victim.

    The Feminists have to awake to see and recognize
    that there are female pedophiles.

    And those who think that an 11-year-old boy
    makes his “sexual debute” by being raped by his teacher,
    need to shape up.


  • Ian Mack says:

    We all need to copy, print, sign and post this petition that follows:
    To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representative:
    This petition of certain citizens and residents of Australia draws to the attention of the House perversions of justice by certain Officers of the Commonwealth including Family and High Court judges that require the Governor-General cause an Urgent Royal Commission of Inquiry into.
    Numerous s75(v) of the Constitution and s33 of the Judiciary Act 1903 Writ applications sought to be file in the High Court to determine and correct judicial misbehaviour obstructed by denial of a right to file hence complaints of judicial misbehaviour are not determined against the public’s best interest and confidence.
    There have been numerous requests for inquiries into judicial misbehaviour that have been contemptuously refused hearing or inquiry.
    There are laws sought that undermine the proper administration of justice in the Family Court put forward by those said above.
    We pray, Honourable Mr Speaker, you pray to the Governor-General of Australia for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into:
    All complaints touching the issue of judicial misbehaviour sent to the Family Court, High Court, Parliament and the Attorney Generals Officers 2004 to 2010 to determine correctness of action taken, if obstructions to justice occurred and/or action needed to be taken.
    How the people can cause “Proven judicial Misbehaviour” when complaints to the Courts and Attorney-General are whitewashed or fall on deaf ears.
    The Family and High Courts judiciary common practice of abuse of power to pervert justice to obstruct judicial accountability, including at appeal.
    Name: ___________________ Signature: ____________________________________
    Signature Address: _____________________________________________________. Postcode: _______
    Email (if available): ________________ Telephone: (0_) ____________ or _____________.
    Additional Name Signature Contact Ph not compulsory
    _______________________ ____________________ _______________________
    _______________________ ____________________ _______________________

    Please attach to this principal petition, any copy or part copy containing additional signatures.

    Signed Petitions should be submitted by post to:
    Standing Committee on Petitions,
    PO Box 6021, House of Representatives, Parliament House, CANBERRA. ACT. 2600.

    If the AG will not do his job and supports the Family Court Chief Justice seeking law to protect woman from being accountable for their lies and fabricated evidence in the Courts; then we need to seek the Queen, who’s power is being abused, will.


  • Mark says:

    All I can say is I wish she was a teacher at my school!


  • Paw says:

    Why was there a woman looking after boys boarding in the first place? She should not have been there at all.

    Yes I know ‘ALL’ men are considered paedophiles and rapists in today’s society, but the truth is women are no different to men today, or any other time throughout history.

    The only reason why we never hear anything, is because of deliberate media suppression. In my mind and opinion, there are no more evil men on this earth than there are evil women.

    With the new Labor family law changes coming in, it is guarranteed that many thousands more children will be abused by women/mothers and it will be kept hidden by the court system, because they only see child abusers being men/fathers.

    God help our poor children!


  • Craig says:

    I’m afraid Dax, that women, bad women not all, have had a free reign on child abuse, they usually only got media attention when associated with men doing it with them


  • Dax says:

    This is becoming all too common.

    Was it always there but simply under-reported before I wonder?

    I suspect so.

    Its coming to a point where I should be afraid to leave my young son in the care of a woman.


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