How False Allegations Destroy Lives

False allegations, Centrelink, Support, Ex-wife, story, DivorceThe labor government wants to give women a free reign on perjury and false allegations. This article is about what damage was done by my ex-wife with just one single lie.

In December 2007 I, along with 4800 other employees of a global giant were outsourced and made redundant.

Between Christmas and April 2008 I paid maintenance of $1100 per month, and my ex-wife extorted around $6000 from me by using the children as weapons and made several threats if I didn’t keep handing over money.

I had absolutely no idea how the “system” worked, all I knew what that the terrorist organisations Centrelink and Child Support Agency would be of no help. Indeed, my ex-wife threatened I would not see my kids again if I told Centrelink and CSA I had lost my job. By March I was in a desperate financial situation.

With no income I could not pay child support and I told Centrelink and CSA of my situation and sparked a violent retaliation and spate of false accusations to both Centrelink and CSA which overtook my life in defending.

My ex-wife stated that if I didn’t stop paying rent and give her the money she would destroy me. She stated it was my responsibility to ensure she never had to work or support herself or the children. At the time I thought she could not actually do that. How wrong I was!

She started leaving bills on my doorstep, stopped paying for the kids sporting activities, stopped clothing them adequately, and ramped up extortion, threatening disadvantage to the kids if I didn’t pay up.

In August 2008 I started working for myself through a computer servicing franchise, having obtained a large unsecured loan. Unfortunately, it didn’t go very well.

In February of 2009 my ex-wife noticed a large franchise sign posted at a local sporting venue, which she alleged was mine. It wasn’t, but she stated she knew how expensive advertising was, and I was therefore making considerable income from the franchise. Nothing could be further from the truth. She stated if I didn’t start paying her enough money to quit work and support her and the kids she would make me regret it.

At the same time she was being supported by her new boyfriend, living at home with her mother, and got off completely free with no debt (I got all that).

In late May of 2009 she kept her promise. She made a false allegation to Centrelink stating I was earning considerable undeclared income at the same time as claiming new start. I was making no income, and under section 4.6 of the social security legislation I was entitled to claim new start. However, Centrelink, being the biased organisation that they are came after me with a vengeance.

Centrelink forced me to shut the business down at the threat of withdrawing benefits. Then they demanded all my records, in original form which they promised they would copy and return. Centrelink then put me on a very short leash and it was not until March 2010 that they finally closed the case. In the meantime, my physical and mental health had declined markedly, and I ended up on an outreach program trying to cope with the continual onslaught from my ex-wife, which persists to this day, more than 3 years later.

The outcome – My credit rating got destroyed. I defaulted on the bank loan, I lost my business, I became financially destitute, had to sell many of my assets and am now looking at filing for bankruptcy.

To make matters worse, Centrelink lost my records. As such, I had nothing I could file a tax return with. I applied to the Australian Taxation office for a private ruling to allow certain documents to be used as evidence of expenditure. They took 5 months to reject my application, and threatened me with fines for unfiled tax returns. To this day I’m still waiting on the ATO to make a determination on what documents they will allow me to use.

Written by fathersdomatter – published exclusively on F4E on 4th November, 2010

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  • bradley mckell says:

    bradley mckell
    November 6TH


    This government has kept me silent to long. I have evidence of this and past government breaking its own legislation against myself and my family for over a decade. I break any legislation and I me 1 person is then incriminated and held accountable for my actions.

    Well this time I face court at Coffs Harbour local court for charges of posses and cultivate prohibited drug. But here is where the TRUTH MY HONESTY stands clear and bright. They (GOVERNMENT AND ALL ITS BODIES) have broken only a couple of their own legislation against me so who is accountable?

    Not providing proper housing for persons with a dIsability

    Keep citizen out of participating in society , study , work , intimidation , misinforming , uniforming , preventing information to be released.

    Government doctor psychiatrist (NOT) ROBERT DELAFORCE / DR Cross (red and white medical coffs harbour) misdiagnoses goes unchecked while patient gets slowly put to death over years. This is the kind of thing that sickens me to the core as now have sat to silent watching my brothers and sisters nationwide getting forced to take medication to which leads to many side affects (stroke) yet easier to blame us common folk then charge themselves the very laws in which they are breaking against us every second of the day. Many doctors may have power the government might have power.


    Denied proper legal representation on many levels to say I have been arrested more for speaking than anything in my life the latest a phone call (1) one call to try see my three children for easter this year I was charged and arrested for breaking my AVO ?

    These are only the tip and am sure many families are feeling the burden of some doctors mental or physical misdiagnoses that is leading us to death. These drugs can be and are more deadly than street drugs with huge side effects. I was smart enough to know robert delaforces diagnoses was so pathetically wrong I started collecting and keeping all or as much of an evident time trial enough to directly snip this snake at its head now. I have broken one crap law although before I had THIS GOVERNMENT AND BODIES WHERE ALREADY ACCOUNTABLE FOR SO MUCH LEGISLATION AGAINST ME.

    Will I stay silent any longer NO will I stand with words of EQUALITY and HONESTY YES YES will I take a back seat deal N BLOODY WAY will I have evidence HELL YES do I have witnesses yes many etc etc

    This so called legislation well I go to court on

    14th November
    Coffs Harbour local court
    9.30 am
    for posses ?

    Well take me to court with your facts that prove what you already knew on the grounds of my evidence from police reports from past and medical. That legislation was broken many times and left me discriminated, incriminated , threatened , powerless. So what does the government have to say in its defense ???? NOTHING I HAVE NOT EVEN HAD PROPER LEGAL REPRESENTATION AGAIN ALONG WITH LEGAL AID MAKING APPOINTMENTS THE REAPPOINTING TO NO CONTACT IS THIS NOT A BREACH ALONE OF MY LEGISLATIVE LAW?

    I say to you thieving life blood sucking vampires of communities ENOUGH LIES.

    You bring me to court on my last tether the straw that broke the camels back though in this case your own allegations against me which you already new where true.

    I shall bring to court as I have had no proper legal representation 30kg of mixed evidence to which proves my innocents turns it around and shows there own guilt with hide ups and own broken legislation. This evidence should be viable to this case in many ways such as the fact CANNABIS MARIANNA has been the thing stopping me going mental while constantly going through the hoops with legal aid as should not a good solicitor look at all the facts not just the charge sheet and events around that?

    Yes after all this said and done I stand and will stand with my suitcase full of full BRADLEY MCKELL truth and much government coverup and intimidation yadda yadda yadda

    I do not fear while the honesty is so clear paperwork without a smear this is my life and I will steer.

    my mobile for any solicitor , barrister or proper legal team to look at this disaster as I need and under legislation have the right to PROPER LEGAL PRESENTATION LEGISLATION.

    Mr Bradley Mckell
    MOBILE 0414822882

    As I await my slow painful death that is upon me now with two holes in my lung bad back etc one way or another I shall let these truths be known as families have suffered enough mental , emotion etc help HELP look around oops no where?


  • Ian Mack says:

    Thank you Greg, I too am indebted to your timely post, I have e-mailed and been given a response of acceptance, and faxed my submission to who you provided as the appropriate authority for my submission.

    Do you think any of us saying anything will make a scrap of difference when you consider the AG makes wilful misrepresentations to Parliament regarding issues sought in Petitions?

    Furthermore, how many judiciary have been complying with or acting against those laws created by the 2006 changes?

    They have no obligation, it appears, in their minds to up-hold the Law, only the Common Law created by them.

    Three “GetUp! Action for Australia” campaign ideas posted that Urgently need your support:

    Time for fair and accountable Family Court system

    Urgently: public accessible “Parliamentary (Judicial Misbehaviour and Incapacity) Committee Bill”

    campaign finance reform: ban corporate and union donations to political parties.

    Votes and comments produce public awareness so please let your fingers do the talking and become active advocates for justice and Family good law reform.


  • Brian says:

    My ex is doing everything she can, including trying to have me arrested.

    A recent interventions case (One of many) She stated she went to the Police because at changeover he was standing in a threatening manner and looked angry, Huh.

    Normally she just kidnaps the kids and leaves town (breaking orders), the last time the magistrate actually rewarded the Ex for Breaching that Magistrates Orders by giving the mother more access.

    Remember you can’t say kidnap, as I have been told, even told off for, using the term kidnap, as I am told, it is impossible for a parent to kidnap their own child.

    Wonder what would happen if I did it?

    My Ex’s whole case is based on the abuse of her and the kids, the Magistrate is about to hand her the kids on this basis, yet recently (In a court of Law) Proceedings lasted all day, it was proven I was Innocent of the claims and the Intervention orders dropped, do you think this holds any weight in the Magistrates courts with the family case, or she paid any costs or received a slap on the wrist?

    Now I have to go through all proceedings again, even tho my Affidavits are full of proof against her, even of abuse, and her affidavit’s stated violence, but on the stand she could give NO details of the violence that she swore under oath occurred.

    That’s the problem isn’t it, the Courts, DHS, and all others refuse to believe or accept a Mother is capable of abuse to their child, even after all the evidence is presented, even evidence from other people than the Father.

    Also what is called family Law proceedings is more about the Father proving his innocence than anything to do with Children.

    As Father’s we need to get together like the women do, I don’t know how many times I have had to represent myself, (Better than a Duty Solicitor) you know more about your case and you give a shit about your children, as long as we keep paying barristers and Solicitor’s we are just feeding a corrupt System, Believe me these guys don’t want to represent the Father, the wins and the money and female perks are in the Mums, the Court appointed family Councillor we were sent to was proof of this, he was hitting on my Ex like a jack hammer, where the kids and I could hear everything, upsetting the children and leaving me in disbelief.
    Who’s side do you think his report reflected?

    What if Fathers started supporting each other by turning up at these cases in numbers, how eager would these Magistrates and Barristers be to hand down these findings in front of a room full of Dads.

    Have support when you go to a solicitor, so you have witnesses, would the Solicitor then advise you NOT to report the abuse you and your children received from your female partner, as it would make you look weak.

    The other thing, if you want to be a Dad, be a Dad, NOT just when it suits you, not just weekends or every second weekend, if you’re going to lose, lose big, go for custody, how many Dads complain about Child (Mother) Support, if you’re not working and on the pension, doll or class yourself, Now, as a full time house Dad what are they going to do?

    You’re about to lose everything any way, don’t Suicide, FIGHT
    That’s the problem isn’t it, the Courts, DHS, and all others refuse to believe or accept a Mother is capable of abuse to their child.

    Also what is called family Law proceedings is more about the Father proving his innocence than anything to do with Children.

    As Father’s we need to get together like the women do, I don’t know how many times I have had to represent myself, (Better than a Duty Solicitor) you know more about your case and you give a shit about your children.

    What if Fathers started supporting each other by turning up at these cases in numbers, how eager would these Magistrates and Barristers be to hand down these findings in front of a room full of Dads.

    Have support when you go to a solicitor, so you have witnesses, would the Solicitor then advise you NOT to report the abuse you and your children received from your female partner, as it would make you look weak.

    The other thing, if you want to be a Dad, be a Dad, NOT just when it suits you, not just weekends or every second weekend, if you’re going to lose, lose big, go for custody, how many Dads complain about Child (Mother) Support, if you’re not working and on the pension, doll or class yourself, Now, as a full time house Dad what are they going to do?

    You’re about to lose everything any way, don’t Suicide, FIGHT


  • Peter Peterson says:

    Hi to all fathers! We all have nightmares to tell, about our experiences with the family court. I my self, have bean married 3 times, and have 4 daughters, and 8 grand children. Bin through the system a few times myself. Here are a few good tips!

    (1) Don’t ever crawl up a bitch’s ass! Unless you want to be shat on, demoralized and humiliated! They will never respect you for it! Know when to call it a day! Have respect for yourself! For crying out aloud! If you don’t, no one else will!
    (2) Sell all your assets! Stash your cash (not in a bank) and get right away ASP! Take a holiday out in the country, go fishing! Just get right away from the drama and let the dust settle and build up your strength and find calmness and compo shore so you have a clear head! And don’t turn to the bozz! It will just make things worse! Be a Man!
    (3) Pay a hooker for a good root! Get that dirty water of your chest, so you can get things in perspective. Don’t get involved in a new relationship till you have lost all that baggage that you are carrying around!
    (4) Don’t put presser on your children, or try to manipulate them to your way of thinking Tell them how much you love them and that you have to go away for a while! And leave it at that! And what ever you do! Don’t say bad things about their mother to them! Take the higher road! They will respect you for it in their adult years! They won’t be children for ever! Remember that! As long as they know you love them, the rest will come out in the wash! and the rag! will pay.

    Women like money! It’s in their nature to be fortune hunters! So when you brake up! Don’t give them any, unless they play your way! Just remember! If you have nothing, then no one can take it from you! At lest on paper! You can always replace your material positions further down the track. And by leaving the square you once lived in you, will
    Take the wind out of her sails! Think about that. Take my word; it will drop her on her ass! Big time!

    Now if you need to vent some anger! Don’t take it out on your ex! The only reason that they do these things is because the family law system encourages, them to have this sort of negative domestic attitude! Brings out the bitch in the best of them! Take it out on someone in the divorce industry! Their fair game! You loose your family so these assholes can bread off the misery of the brake down of your family unit! At the end of the day! Their all just low life’s right throw to the stinking judges them selves! I must admit, I’d love 60 seconds in a locked room with one of these evil assholes! Sometimes the taste of anticipation is sweeter the reward it self! Just remember that it costs close to $100,000 to keep one of us in jail for a year! Myself! I’d go to jail, before I’d crawl up the ass of these evil assholes!

    Thanks for your time! Peter Peterson (

    PS; If family law was fair! No one would use it! think about it! It’s the Law making business for it self! Don’t play its game! If a parasite can’t parasite it shrivels up and dies!


  • Brian says:

    Wow only 7 VOTES of the GETUP site!?

    That is sending a clear message that this isn’t a “Real Issue”, or an issue that they should take as being REAL.

    Thank Ian for reminding me of the petition, I’ve just printed it out and signed it.

    PLEASE text, SMS, twitter, or print out and leave on Car Window this info that push the issues to the wider public and let everyone know that Children need the Care of their Parents, FATHERS too!

    Time for fair and accountable Family Court system (

    As Andrea has offered.

    - HERE is a chance to get your considered thoughts and experiences “outside the circle”.

    Please VOTE and offer some support to this and all situations in the Family Law area that NEED addressing.

    Hope to read of your input!

    Andrea says:
    January 5, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    Time for fair and accountable Family Court system (

    This suggestion has been made on GetUp.

    If you support this issue being picked up as a campaign idea, you are welcome to look at the getup site at the above link.



  • Ian Mack says:

    We all need to copy, print, sign and post this petition that follows:
    To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representative:
    This petition of certain citizens and residents of Australia draws to the attention of the House perversions of justice by certain Officers of the Commonwealth including Family and High Court judges that require the Governor-General cause an Urgent Royal Commission of Inquiry into.
    Numerous s75(v) of the Constitution and s33 of the Judiciary Act 1903 Writ applications sought to be file in the High Court to determine and correct judicial misbehaviour obstructed by denial of a right to file hence complaints of judicial misbehaviour are not determined against the public’s best interest and confidence.
    There have been numerous requests for inquiries into judicial misbehaviour that have been contemptuously refused hearing or inquiry.
    There are laws sought that undermine the proper administration of justice in the Family Court put forward by those said above.
    We pray, Honourable Mr Speaker, you pray to the Governor-General of Australia for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into:
    All complaints touching the issue of judicial misbehaviour sent to the Family Court, High Court, Parliament and the Attorney Generals Officers 2004 to 2010 to determine correctness of action taken, if obstructions to justice occurred and/or action needed to be taken.
    How the people can cause “Proven judicial Misbehaviour” when complaints to the Courts and Attorney-General are whitewashed or fall on deaf ears.
    The Family and High Courts judiciary common practice of abuse of power to pervert justice to obstruct judicial accountability, including at appeal.
    Name: ___________________ Signature: ____________________________________
    Signature Address: _____________________________________________________. Postcode: _______
    Email (if available): ________________ Telephone: (0_) ____________ or _____________.
    Additional Name Signature Contact Ph not compulsory
    _______________________ ____________________ _______________________
    _______________________ ____________________ _______________________

    Please attach to this principal petition, any copy or part copy containing additional signatures.

    Signed Petitions should be submitted by post to:
    Standing Committee on Petitions,
    PO Box 6021, House of Representatives, Parliament House, CANBERRA. ACT. 2600.

    If the AG will not do his job and supports the Family Court Chief Justice seeking law to protect woman from being accountable for their lies and fabricated evidence in the Courts; then we need to seek the Queen, who’s power is being abused, will.


  • Craig says:

    Thanks Ian, and just to clarify, she is alienating me from my kids, but simultaneously she is using them to get at me via court processing requesting contact ( soley based in her words, for the kids benefit) and has asked my partner for contact with me, and has accessed my house, outside, but always under the guise of ” for the kids”
    It is clear to My girls that she wants contact with me, even though she was trying to trap me for violating the AVO which I didn’t, she is trying badly to control my life , but my Girls are suffering the most , and my Partners kids
    She used police to harrass us (police admitted it) she is and has stalked (using third parties to do most of it) , ohh i’m too tired and have probably said it before, but what Zac suggested about reading about PAS and Divorced Mothers syndrome by that proffessor, reading that profile is like reading about my ex wife, only now I have literature telling my I wasn’t going mad, it was real


  • Ian Mack says:

    Craig: “my ex isn’t trying to alienate me from my kids, she wants me to have access even though she has an avo on me. She also wants access to me, and she’s done her best to alienate me from her family, my family, the schools, friends, you name it.” What a contradiction of her wants, she wants to be protected from you because she is fearful for her safety when you are near her.

    An AVO defeats or contradicts her want and ability to have access to you because an AVO is to prevent access or contact with you.

    If she makes any direct contact with you or comes to your home (it is better if you have witnesses) then you can prove she gained her AVO for wrongful purpose (she is not fearful for her safety when in you presents) like for her to use in the family court as evidence of family violence to prevent or reduce your time with your children.

    Craig can you tell me which words you claim are legal lingo.


  • Craig says:

    Hey guys, Ian I wish I was upto speed with your legal lingo, I get lost in some of your questions, anyhow, my ex isn’t trying to allienate me from my kids, she wants me to have access even though she has an avo on me. She also wants access to me, and she’s done her best to allienate me from her family, my family, the schools, friends, you name it…………


    Craig Reply:

    i retract the statement that my ex isn’t trying to alienate me, stupid butthead i am, it’s confusing when one minute they want contact and the next they are trying to put you in Gaol, one minute they say have fun at Dads house the next minute they say to the kids she wants me dead, i’m dealing with a mentally unstable woman obviously


    Ian Mack Reply:

    Yes Craig, it is a head butt, but if you think back to when you were with her she did similar to manipulate you into doing what she wanted. Furthermore, you might find it is her lawyer or a so called friend putting these words and ideas into her head.

    Have you heard of DIDSS, this link will take you to their site

    If I may quote from their site “While Dads in Distress Support Services (DIDSS) by its very name appears to be focused mainly on supporting men through separation from their partner and/or children, we actually have the health, safety and well-being of ALL the family uppermost in our mind.”

    At minimum they will help you understand you are not alone and some of these guys can help you with your Court preparations. The one here at Frankston has Family Lawyers and Psychologists members who have gone through similar to some of us, remember a lot of Court matters are similar but differing dynamics.

    Craig, can I say don’t get tied up in the mental issues of the mother, it will detract you from the real issues of the children’s best interests and the truth being told in the Court.

    What you also need to remember, it is not what you know it is about what you can prove with proper evidence.


  • zac says:

    Michel, When the lies are so false and they are primarily used to allienate you from your children you have to fight or they are gone for 10+ years- same as you get for murder….would I admit a murder that I did not commit?…no way. We will survive this!


  • Michel Miousse says:

    I understand so well what you’re living. False allegations destroys life for real. I’ve been a victim of this and now live with a post traumatic stress syndrom due to what my ex did to me. All that we can do is try to fight this system and stay alive.


  • zac says:

    Ian, The main reason why the District Supt. did nothing was because my ex-wife’s father was a Senior Sergeant, Vicpol.

    When I asked ethical standards about the police harrasment against me by two squads in a provincial city- Child Abuse Unit and Prosecutions and two neighbouring small town stations(Actions included frivelous and failed AVO applications, night time summons’ scaring my daughters, welfare checks on the wife’s complaint, preparing victicious statements) ethical standards told me to write to the District Supt. Which I did.Totally useless response….

    My neighbour, a former Det. Sgt. in another Child Abuse Unit was totally disgusted with the way I was treated and said that he estimates that 20% of child abuse cases in Vic. are victicious allegations in custody disputes.

    Now that we have a new govt. I believe we are going to get an independent police complaints body- no more in house stuff.


  • Ian Mack says:

    When I approached the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and local Police I was told there were no resources available to prosecute the complaint I had put together with the information (physical affidavit and transcript evidence) so all that was required was charges to be laid.

    I even produced a sworn affidavit for use to support the charges that listed the charges with the evidence in support with the names of independent witnesses who would be required to give evidence if a guilty plea was not obtained.

    Some of that same evidence is what caused the mother and a Children’s Court judge to remove the wrongful orders preventing our son and I having any form of communication since Jan 2004.

    It is the objection by the police to prosecute woman for their perjury, false allegations and fabricated evidence that is another powerful persuader of solicitors and mothers that it is OK to lie in and to the Courts and Police.

    Some States like NSW, have laws like: the CRIMES ACT 1900 – SECT 547B
    Public mischief (makes to a police officer any false representation) which is the offence police should be charging woman who make false family violence (FV) accusations with; which has a penalty defined as: “shall be liable on conviction before the Local Court to imprisonment for 12 months, or to a fine of 50 penalty units, or both.”

    It is a mister minor penalty to discourage this wrongful behaviour but because it is not used for woman making false allegations of FV they encourage these wrongful allegations as does the FamCA by not directing such charges to be laid. In the same way the AG obstructs investigations and prosecution of courses of justice that cause judges to be accountable for their wrong doings at the bench.

    If the NSW matter which a FamCA judge refused to allow police to give evidence at, the police had charged the mother with s.547B of the Crimes Act then the judge could not have needed to fuse the police the right to present evidence because the charge and probable finding would have been enough for the judge to have done Right rather than Wrong by the law and child of the matter.

    As I understand it, this crime has been removed from Vic law to encourage this crime or because too many woman would be charged with this offence.


  • zac says:

    I asked my district police superintendant whether the DPP or a forensic psychiatrist could look into my ex-wife’s ‘easily proven’ malicious, resourse sapping, lies and I got no response.

    Do you think that police prosecutors are going to persue ‘yummy mummys’ who will do anything (perjury.pervert justice, extortion, blackmail ) to win custody of kids and 3/4 of joint property? No way…women’s prisons are already full and there would be a flood of deserving ‘mother’ Family Law candidates for a prison cell.

    Blackmail, alone, can require a 10 year sentence..

    Let’s all buy dictophones for when we talk to blackmailing women or just tell them that you’ve been taping them for months- which is legal (in Vic)


  • Robert says:

    I can relate to this story.

    I had a great job earning top dollar and had been working at the same place for 15 years.

    After separation I asked for shared care, and her response on the day prior to out first Court hearing was to make allegations that I sexually abused our young child.

    Two weeks later I was asked into HR and told that I would be escorted out of the building, immediately.

    I was never told why I was sacked.

    I was to later find out, after subpoenaring DoCS. medical and other records, that my ex shopped this allegation around to everywhere, including Police, her local member of Parliament, doctors, hospitals, DOCS, etc, and she was very upset that no one took her seriously, or so she thought.

    Her allegations were however cooky and she made really remarkable contradictions or bizarre statements such as “I saw him in my dream sexually abusing my child. I have a gift from the spirit world and my dreams are always correct.”

    When reading the medical records of her psychologist, she stated that she wrote a letter to my company advising them that I was a sexual predator of children.

    The date of her statement corresponded closely to the date I was fired.

    I can only guess that this is why I lost my job, over a baseless, preposterous allegation from someone who believes the spirits talk to her through her dreams.

    I have found it very hard to find another job in that same field and have had to get by on odd jobs for the last few years.

    Only now have I just got another job in the same field as before, but about 10 rungs down.

    This one allegation cost me about 30 years of hard work in my career, and in dollars lost me more than I ever dare to measure.

    So think about that Robert McClelland you disgraceful pig. You are simply inviting more cases like mine to occur, with impunity.


  • Ian Mack says:

    There is a matter that has been sought to be filed in the High Court seeking a Writ to correct the wrongs of a Family Court judge.

    That course of justice, being a Writ of Correction, had been sought 29 October 2010 by application for a course of justice created by s75(v) of the Commonwealth Constitution which any obstruction, hindrance or prevention of would be a criminal offence.

    Has been hindered by a dishonourable judge of the High Court by demand the SRL father seek leave of the dishonourable judges before he is allowed to file this Constitutional created Application.

    If the dishonourable judges of the family and high Court were not dishonourable and have nothing but CONTEMPT for the Law and Constitution of Australia then why would they demand a father seek leave for a course of justice created by the Constitution?


  • Ian Mack says:

    File a petition with the Petitions Committee seeking a Royal Commission of Inquiry into your matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are not alone, this is what the GAY AG and GAY JUDGES are encouraging; destruction of society as we know it, just look at the increasing divorce, child abuse, and male suicide rates then the GAY AG, High and Family Court dishonourable judges are doing.

    Justice is a thing of the past; only a Guy Fawkes could bring back justice over the self righteous justice of the judges and AG; in the same way Guy Fawkes thought he could bring Catholicism over Protestant beliefs.

    AS IF, they have the power if we the people let them.


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